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Not to be confused with Mahar (Sindhi tribe).

The Mahaar are a Punjabi Rajput tribe found in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] The Mahaar are entirely distinct from the Mahar, another tribe of Jutt origin found in Sindh and Punjab.

History and origin[edit]

The tribe claims descent from Mahaar, a brother of Johiya (the ancestor of the Johiya tribe). Mahaar is said to be the elder brother of Johiya, being a son of Iyas, a Shaikh Siddiqui holyman, who is said to have married Rani Nal, daughter of the Bhatti Rajput Raja Chuharhar. Mahaar's grandson, Wag became Raja of a place called Garh Mathila. Wag . grandson, Sanwra is said to have migrated to Sirsa, in what is now Haryana. The Sirsa branch of the Mahaar are known as the Sanwrepotre (the sons of Sanwra in Hindi). Another branch settled in Shahr Fareed in Bahawalpur District At the partition of India, the Sanwrepotre, like other Muslim Jatts of the region, migrated to Pakistan.[2]


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