Mahamaya irrigation project

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Mahamaya Lake
Location South-Eastern Bangladesh
Type reservoir
Catchment area 3360 hectare
Basin countries Bangladesh

Mahamaya irrigation project (Bengali: মহামায়া সেচ প্রকল্প) is an irrigation project of Bangladesh and situated at Durgapur union, Mirsharai Upazila, Chittagong. It is build for providing irrigation water to 3360 hectare area and was initiated in 2007-2008 financial year. Now it's no more only a irrigation project. Though, it's the second largest man made lake in our country, people visit this lake on weekends.In Mirsorai Upazila there's no place for people where they can pass their leisure time, From that point of view, it is a good rescue. [1][2] It costs about 230 million taka and construction was completed in 2009. This project was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 29 December 2010.[3] It is the second largest man made lake in Bangladesh after Kaptai Lake and also a beautiful visiting spot.[4] Government is also planning to install a 50 kW mini hydro electric powerplant here.[5]


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