Keshri Singh

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Keshri Singh
Marharaja of Bharatpur
Reign 1769 -1778
Coronation Gopal Bhavan, Deeg, 12 April 1769
Born September 1766
Birthplace Deeg
Died 28 March 1778
Place of death Deeg
Predecessor Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Successor Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Royal House Sinsiniwar Jat Dynasty
Father Maharaja Ratan Singh
Religious beliefs Hinduism

Maharaja Keshri Singh (September 1766 - 28 March 1778) was the ruling Maharaja of Bharatpur (r.1769 – 1778 CE).

He ascended to throne on the death of Maharaja Ratan Singh in 1769. But He died of smallpox, at Deeg 28 March 1778. Maharaja Ranjit Singh succeeded him in 1778.

Keshri Singh
Sinsiniwar Jat Dynasty
Born: Unknown Died: 1778
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Maharaja Ratan Singh
Maharaja of Bharatpur
1769 - 1778AD
Succeeded by
Maharaja Ranjit Singh