Kishan Singh of Bharatpur

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Maharaja Kisan Singh
Marharajah of Bharatpur
Maharaja Kisan Singh.jpg
Reign 1918 - 1929 AD
Predecessor Maharani Girraj Kaur
Successor Maharaja Brijendra Singh
House Sinsiniwar Jat Dynasty
Father Maharaja Ram Singh
Mother Maharani Girraj Kaur
Born 4 October 1899
Moti Mahal
Died 27 March 1929

Maharaja Sir Kishan Singh, KCSI (1899–1929) was the ruling Jat Maharaja of the princely state of Bharatpur (1918–1929) and successor of Maharani Girraj Kaur.

Early Life[edit]

Maharaja Kishan Singh was born at Moti Mahal, Bharatpur on 4 October 1899 in a Hindu Jat family. He was eldest son of Maharaja Ram Singh by his second wife, Maharani Girraj Kaur. He was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer and Wellington.


He succeeded on the deposition of his father on 27 August 1900. Installed on the gadi at Bharatpur on 30 August 1900. He reigned under the regency of his mother until he came of age and was invested with full ruling powers on 28 November 1918.

Attended the funeral of the King-Emperor Edward VII in 1910. He received Delhi Durbar gold medal in 1911 and on 12 February 1926 he was made Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown of Belgium.

He married on 3 March 1913 with Maharani Rajendra Kaur, youngest daughter of Raja Balbir Singh of Brar clan Raja of Faridkot.

His rule[edit]

He reorganized army in 1919. He made Hindi as state language. He toured to Sri Lanka and established ‘Brij-mandal’ in Shimla. He also made primary education compulsory. He promulgated social reforms act. He introduced the system of participation of public in state affairs through credit banks, issuing society and village panchayat acts.

He promoted the establishment of Ayurvedic hospitals. He started organizing exhibition in Bharatpur every year to promote trade and arts. He took steps towards the protection of cows. The steps taken by him in 1924 famine in the interest of public are always remembered.

His Jat pride[edit]

He relished his Jat background and presided over the 1925 Jat Mahasabha adhiveshan organized at Pushkar.

Death and Succession[edit]

He died at Agra on 27 March 1929, having had issue, four sons and three daughters. His eldest son Maharaja Brijendra Singh succeeded him.



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Kishan Singh of Bharatpur
Sinsinwar Jat Dynasty
Born: 1899 Died: 27 March 1929
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Maharani Girraj Kaur
Maharaja of Bharatpur
1918–1929 AD
Succeeded by
Maharaja Brijendra Singh


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