Maharaja of Mysore

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Maharaja of Mysore
Former Monarchy
Flag of Mysore.svg
Flag of Mysore
Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur, the last Maharaja
First monarch Yaduraya
Last monarch Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur
Style His Highness
Official residence Mysore Palace
Monarchy began 1399
Monarchy ended 26 January 1950
Current pretender(s) unknown
Flag of Mysore.svg Mysore Kings


Under Vijayanagara Empire


Yaduraya Wodeyar (1399–1423)
Chamaraja Wodeyar I (1423–1459)
Timmaraja Wodeyar I (1459–1478)
Chamaraja Wodeyar II (1478–1513)
Chamaraja Wodeyar III (1513–1553)
Independent Wodeyar Kings


Timmaraja Wodeyar II (1553–1572)
Chamaraja Wodeyar IV (1572–1576)
Bettada Wodeyar (1576–1578)
Raja Wodeyar I (1578–1617)
Chamaraja Wodeyar V (1617–1637)
Raja Wodeyar II (1637–1638)
Narasaraja Wodeyar I (1638–1659)
Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar (1659–1673)
Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar (1673–1704)
Narasaraja Wodeyar II (1704–1714)
Krishnaraja Wodeyar I (1714–1732)
Chamaraja Wodeyar VI (1732–1734)
Krishnaraja Wodeyar II (1734–1766)
Under Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan


Krishnaraja Wodeyar II (1734–1766)
Nanjaraja Wodeyar (1766–1772)
Chamaraja Wodeyar VII (1772–1776)
Chamaraja Wodeyar VIII (1776–1796)
Under British Rule


Krishnaraja Wodeyar III (1799–1868)
Chamaraja Wodeyar IX (1881–1894)
Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV (1894–1940)
Jayachamaraja Wodeyar (1940–1950)
(Monarchy abolished)

Titular monarchy (1950-present)

Jayachamaraja Wodeyar (1950-1974)
Srikanta Wodeyar (1974-2013)
Kantharaja Urs Wodeyar (2013-present)

Maharaja of Mysore was the principal title of the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in India.

The Wodeyar dynasty founded a feudatory principality in 1399, which grew into the Kingdom of Mysore. The Wodeyars ruled that kingdom almost uninterruptedly between 1399 and 1947; they ruled initially as vassals of the Vijayanagara Empire (1399-1565), then as independent rulers (1565-1761), then as puppet rulers under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan (1761-1796) and finally as allies of the British crown (1799-1947). The Wodeyars of Mysore is the only Indian Royal family in the 5000-year-history of India (right from the times of Ramayana) to have ruled a kingdom for more than 500 years. The Maharajas of Mysore during these 650 years were:

Maharajas of Mysore[edit]

Absolute monarchy

Wodeyar Dynasty (First rule, 1399-1732)[edit]

  • Yaduraya (1399–1423)
  • Hiriya Bettada Chamaraja Wodeyar I (1423–1459)
  • Thimmaraja Wodeyar I (1459–1478)
  • Hiriya Chamaraja Wodeyar II (1478–1513)
  • Hiriya bettada Chamaraja Wodeyar III (1513–1553)
  • Thimmaraja Wodeyar II (1553–1572)
  • Bola Chamaraja Wodeyar IV (1572–1576)
  • Bettada Devaraja Wodeyar (1576–1578)
  • Raja Wodeyar I (1578–1617)
  • Chamaraja Wodeyar V (1617–1637)
  • Raja Wodeyar II (1637–1638)
  • (Ranadhira) Kantheerava Narasaraja Wodeyar I (1638–1659)
  • Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar (1659–1673)
  • Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar (1673–1704)
  • Kantheerava Narasaraja Wodeyar II (1704–1714)
  • Dodda Krishnaraja Wodeyar I (1714–1732). With him, Yaduraya’s direct lineage came to an end. What followed was a succession of nominal rulers adopted by the surviving queens to continue the tradition.

Wodeyar Dynasty (deviated from Yaduvamsha/ the Yadu clan) (Perpetual rule, 1732-1761)[edit]

  • Chamaraja Wodeyar VI (1732–1734)
  • (Immadi) Krishnaraja Wodeyar II (1734–1766), ruled under Hyder Ali from 1761
  • Nanajaraja Wodeyar (1766–1772), ruled under Hyder Ali
  • Bettada Chamaraja Wodeyar VII (1772–1776), ruled under Hyder Ali
  • Khasa Chamaraja Wodeyar VIII (1776–1796), ruled under Hyder Ali until 1782, then under Tipu Sultan until his deposition in 1796.

Reign of the Kings of Mysore (Wodeyar line) is interrupted from 1796 until 1799.

Islamic Rulers of Mysore (1761-1799)[edit]

  • Hyder Ali (1761-1782), Muslim commander deposing the Hindu Maharaja, fought the British and Nizams of Hyderabad in the first of 4 Anglo-Mysore Wars
  • Tipu Sultan (Tiger of Mysore) (1782-1799), son of Hyder Ali, considered as one of the greatest rulers of Mysore, assumed the novel style Badhshah Bahadur of Khudadad (thus claiming the paramountcy of India instead of the Mughal 'mere' Badhshah), fought the British, Marathas and Nizams of Hyderabad in the 3 Anglo-Mysore Wars (during when he invented iron rockets), allied to the French, and lost everything. His sons were held captives under the Company and later set free.

Wodeyar Dynasty (Second rule, 1799-1950)[edit]

Monarchy abolished

Republic of India (Democratic governance) (1950 onward)[edit]

Wodeyar Dynasty (Informal titular rule, 1950-)[edit]

Private Mysore Durbar

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