Maharashtra State Electricity Board

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Maharashtra State Electricity Board
महाराष्ट्र राज्य विद्युत मंडळ
Statutory Board
Industry Electricity Generation, Electricity Transmission, Electricity Distribution
Founded June 20, 1960
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Area served
Products Electricity
Parent Government Of Maharashtra

Maharashtra State Electricity Board (or MSEB) is a state-owned electricity regulation board operating within the state of Maharashtra in India. The MSEB was formed on 20 June 1960 under Section 5 of the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948. In 1998 it was the second largest electricity generating utility in India after National Thermal Power Corporation.


MSEB power line in farms at Chinawal village in Jalgaon district

The company's predecessor was the Bombay Electricity Board which was formed on 6 November 1954 and operated up to 31 March 1957 when it was renamed to Bombay State Electricity Board which operated until 19 June 1960. The result of a collaboration between the MSEB and Enron was the Ratnagiri power plant. In accordance with Electricity Act 2003 of Government of India ((Maharashtra State Govt.vide G.R.No. ELA-1003/P.K.8588/Bhag-2/Urja-5 Dated 24-01-2005)), the Maharashtra State Electricity Board was restructured into 4 companies w.e.f. 6 June 2005. These companies were registered with Company Registrar, Mumbai on 31 May 2005 as follows:

  • MSEB Holding Company Limited.
  • Mahanirmiti (महानिर्मिती) or Mahagenco (Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited (MSPGCL))
  • Mahapareshan (महापारेषण) or Mahatransco (Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (MSETCL))
  • Mahavitaran (महावितरण) or Mahadiscom (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL))

Mahavitaran is responsible for distribution of electricity throughout the state by buying power from either Mahanirmiti, captive power plants or from other state electricity boards and private sector power generation companies. The holding entity MSEB Holding Company holds all the stake in the other three companies. Maharashtra constitutes 13% of the total installed electricity generation capacity in India which is mainly from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.[1]


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