Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

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Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation
महाराष्ट्र राज्य मार्ग परिवहन महामंडळ
Owner Government of Maharashtra
Locale Maharashtra
Transit type Intercity bus service within State of Maharashtra and selected cities neighbouring states
Local bus service in selected cities
Daily ridership 7 million[1]
Chief executive Jivanrao Gore (Chairman), Vikas Kharge, (Managing Director)
Headquarters Mumbai Central, Mumbai
Began operation 1948 as Bombay State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC)
1960 as Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (also referred to as MSRTC, or simply ST), is the state run bus service of Maharashtra, India with 16,000 buses which ferry 7 million passengers daily on 17,000 routes.[2] It is the third largest bus service provider in India and serves routes to towns and cities within Maharashtra and adjoining states. Apart from locations within the state of Maharashtra, the MSRTC service also covers destinations in neighboring states . It is one of the largest fleet owners in India. It also offers a facility for online booking of tickets for all 17,000 routes.[3]


Early bus services in Maharashtra (then part of the states of Bombay, Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad) were started in the early 1920s largely due to efforts of local entrepreneurs. With no regulatory laws governing public transportation services these services run in ad hoc manner. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1939 brought in amongst many other things, regulation of fares, standard routes and rules for governance and monitoring of public tranporation providers. As a result of the act individual operators were asked to form a union on defined routes in a particular area. Bus schedules were set in, pick-up points, conductors, and fixed ticket prices were mandated.

Still passenger woes continued and then in 1948 Bombay State Government, started its own state sponsored road transport service called State Transport of Bombay. The first blue and silver-topped bus took off from Pune to Ahmednagar in 1948. In mean time, in 1950 the central government under the initiative of Morarji Desai the then home minister passed the Road Transport Corporation Act. This act delegated powers to states to form their individual road transport corporations, the central government would contribute up to a third of the establishment of such services. The Bombay State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) was formed following this, later on whose name was changed to Maharastra State Road Transport Corporation after the re-organization of the states.

Bus services[edit]

MSRTC runs bus services starting from the basic bus service for the masses to the Air conditioned bus service meeting the world class standards. The types of services run by MSRTC are:

Ordinary: A basic bus service provided by MSRTC. The buses are in Red livery. The service is meant to connect entire Maharashtra together. This includes smallest of towns irrespective of the road or revenue conditions. The main motto of this service is not profit making but the service of people from masses. The buses are fairly comfortable, extremely economical and offer various concessional services for Senior Citizens, Students, War widows, Freedom fighters and so on. This for sure one trend setting example of public service with a class and has been serving Maharashtra for ages. Major fleet of MSRTC consists of these buses.

Parivartan: Parivartan ( Marathi - " परिवर्तन " ) in Marathi means 'change'. This is the changed face of the ordinary red bus service. A successful attempt by MSRTC to offer comfortable service to masses. The buses consist of a 2x2 seating arrangement and offer better comfort. These are slowly replacing the ordinary buses from the fleet and are also responsible for 'change' (Parivartan in urban people's mindsets about the ordinary ST bus services. The fare structure of Parivartan buses is same as that of the ordinary buses and all the concessions can also be availed.

Asiad: Recently named as the "Hirkani" ( Marathi - " हिरकणी " ) in 2013 was and is the first ever comfortable bus service in the country meant to ferry the sports persons of the Asiad games which took place in 1982 is now become in an inevitable part of Maharashtra's intercity transport. The Asiad is a Non Air-Conditioned, Semi-Luxury bus service with 2x2 seating arrangement. The Asiad service was recognized by Indira Gandi, the prime minister during 1982 as this was the first Government built, owned and operated bus service offering world class comfort at that time. Later on MSRTC used these beautiful white and green buses with a blue band on their lucrative Dadar-Pune sector and got an overwhelming response from the commuters. MSRTC decided to keep the service in operation on this route and started producing more Asiad buses at their workshops. Slowly the Asiad services were introduced on other sectors. Today Asiad buses run between all the cities in Maharashtra. The Ashiad livery was modified in 2010 with a shiny white paint and a Purple colour. A few popular Asiad bus routes in the state are: Dadar – Pune, Nashik – Pune, Sangli-Pune Station, Miraj-Nashik, Tasgaon- Pune, Aurangabad – Pune, Thane – Pune, Satara – Mumbai, Nasik – Mumbai, Kolhapur – Pune, etc. The buses on these route ply with an interval of 15 minutes to 1 hour on a daily basis.

Shivneri: Yet another example of the corporation in keeping with the time. Shivneri ( Marathi - " शिवनेरी " ) is an Air-conditioned bus service of MSRTC between important cities. Most of the services are operated by the world class Volvo - B7R buses in a light blue livery. The services were started on Dadar – Pune sctor and now MSRTC operates Shivneri bus services on many select routes.. Currently MSRTC operates Shivneri buses on following routes in a descending order of frequency & number of services:

  1. Dadar (Mumbai) – Pune (Pune Station)
  2. Borivali (Mumbai) – Pune (Swargate)
  3. Aurangabad – Pune (Shivajinagar)
  4. Thane – Pune (Swargate)
  5. Sangli – Pune Station
  6. Nashik – Pune (Shivajinagar)
  7. Mumbai (Borivali) – Shirdi ( Closed )
  8. Mumbai (Mumbai Central) – Panjim (Goa) ( only for Vacation )
  9. Mumbai (Mumbai Central) – Hyderabad ( Closed )
  10. Pune (Swargate) – Bangalore
  11. Jalgaon – Pune (Shivajinagar)
  12. Nanded – Pune (Shivajinagar)
  13. Nagpur (Ganeshpeth CBS) – Pune
  14. Kolhapur – Pune (Swargate)
  15. Nagpur (Ganeshpeth CBS) – Hyderabad (JBS, MGBS)
  16. Kolhapur - Bangalore From 26 January 2014


  1. Pune (Swargate) – Udaipur
  2. Mumbai - Banglore (Sleeper bus - 32 berths)

Plans for starting long haul routes like Nagpur – Aurangabad, etc. are in process.

MSRTC Also operates Cerita and Mercedes – Benz buses of their Shivneri services.

Ashwamedh: Yet another example of the corporation in keeping with the time. Ashwamedh is an Air-conditioned bus service of MSRTC between important cities. Most of the services are operated by the world class Volvo 9400 XL (Volvo B9R) multi-axle buses in red livery and full air suspension. The pricing is same as that of Shivneri.

Sheetal: The latest entrant into the long list of bus types operated by MSRTC. These are airconditioned semi-luxury buses with 2x2 seating arrangement. The pricing is slightly higher than the Asiad buses, but significantly lower than the Shivneri buses. As of 2010, these buses have been introduced only on the Dadar – Pune Station route, though there are plans to introduce them on other popular routes like Pune – Nasik, Pune – Aurangabad, etc.

MSRTC Daily conducted tours: MSRTC operate daily conducted tours by Asiad buses to the tourist destinations around Aurangabad like Ellora, Ajanta and Daulatabad wherein they also take a note of the tourist destinations in the city. Tour 1: Aurangabad CBS to Ajanta Caves, Bibi-Ka-Muqbara, Pan-Chakki and back to Aurangabad CBS Tour 2: Aurangabad CBS to Ellora Caves, Daulatabad Fort, Bibi-Ka-Muqbara, Pan-Chakki and back to Aurangabad CBS

Yatra (Festivity services): A seasonal service targeted at travellers visiting various festivities of Maharastra.

Parcel Courier service: MSRTC buses also provide the use of their buses for shipping cargo or courier services.

Tourism packages: Along with normal bus services MSRTC provides package tours whereby you can buy a single ticket to travel a selective group of tourist places in Maharastra. The groups are mostly clubbed together based on the district they belong to.

In addition to these, MSRTC also provides city bus services in certain districts of Maharashtra.

Bus fleet[edit]

MSRTC is one of the largest fleet owners in India, operating a fleet of approximately 16,000 buses[5] that ferry 7 million passengers daily on 17,000 routes.[2] The Ordinary, Parivartan, Asiad and City Buses are built at MSRTC's in-house workshops at Pune, Aurangabad, and Nagpur on Ashok Leyland and TATA chassis. These workshops produce as high as 2,000 buses per annum on an average. The corporation has 9 tyre retreading plants along with 32 divisional workshops.



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