Mahendragiri, Odisha

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For peak in Tamil Nadu, India, see Mahendragiri.
Mahendragiri is located in Odisha
Location of Mahendragiri, Orissa
Elevation 1,501 m (4,925 ft)
Location Paralakhemundi, Orissa, India
Range Eastern Ghats
Coordinates 18°58′28″N 84°22′05″E / 18.97444°N 84.36806°E / 18.97444; 84.36806Coordinates: 18°58′28″N 84°22′05″E / 18.97444°N 84.36806°E / 18.97444; 84.36806
Easiest route Hike/scramble

Mahendragiri, is a mountain peak at in the Paralakhemundi (or Parlakimidi) subdivision of the district of Gajapati, Orissa, India.[1] It is situated amongst the Eastern Ghats at an elevation of 1,501 metres (4,925 ft).


Map of Ancient India with locations of cities and places and Mahendra mountain during the time of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Buddha

'महेन्द्रो मलयो सह्यो परिजात्र शुक्तिमान तथा विन्ध्य ऋक्षवान् कुल पर्वताः '

The Mahendra mountain is associated with east direction which clearly says that it is non other than Eastern Ghats. It is associated with mythological stories from the Ramayana as Mahendra Parvata (mountain). It is a 'Kula Parvata' along with Malaya, Sahyadri, Parijatra, Shuktiman, Vindhya and Malyavaan.[2] In the Puranas and Mahabharata that Parashurama practiced penance for a long time on the Mahendra mountain.[3]

The epic mountain Mahendragiri is situated in Gajapati district, Orissa.Legend says that it is the place where lord Parashurama,a Chiranjeevi staying eternally and doing tapasya.Temples built by Pandavas are seen. The main festival here is Shivaratri.


Mahendragiri has interesting archaeological remains.[4]



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