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Mahendravarman I
Reign 590-611
Predecessor Bhavavarman I
Successor Isanavarman I
Full name
Father Viravarman
Died 611 (2015-03-18UTC15:33:48)

Mahendravarman (Khmer: មហេន្ទ្រវរ្ម័ន; also titled Citrasena) was a king of the Cambodian kingdom of Kamboja in 6th century AD, which would later become the Khmer empire. He was the brother of, and successor to Bhavavarman I.

After Bhavavarman's death, Mahendravarman took his throne in the capital at Sambor Prei Kuk on the same time Hiranyavarman was ruling Cambodia.

After the death of Mahendravarman, his son Isanavarman had taken the control of the kingdom, where his father ruled for several years. He ruled the kingdom until 628.

Sons of Isanavarman[edit]

  1. Sivadatta
  2. Isvarakumara
  3. Yuvaraja (Crown Prince) - Name not identified from historical records


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