Maher Al Mueaqly

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Maher Al Mueaqly
الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي
Lineage Mahir Bin Hammad Al-Mansoor
Born (1969-01-07) January 7, 1969 (age 46)
Medina, Saudi Arabia
Senior posting
Title Shiekh, Imam
Religious career
Post Imam of Masjid al-Haram, Makkah

Maher bin Hamad Al Mueaqly (Arabic: الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي) born January 7, 1969, is the Imam of the Grand Mosque[1] in Makkah.

Maher's was born in Madina[citation needed]. His father belonged to the Al-Mueaqly clan of the Balwa tribe. His mother was an immigrant from Pakistan.

Maher is married with four children, two boys and two girls. Al Mueaqly occasionally travels as part of his duties. In 2014, Al Mueaqly visited Kyrgyzstan from May 14-16 as a guest of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan.[2]


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