Maher Al Mueaqly

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Maher Al Mueaqly
الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي
Lineage Mahir Bin Hammad Al-Mansoor
Born (1969-01-07) January 7, 1969 (age 45)
Medina, Saudi Arabia
Senior posting
Title Shiekh, Imam
Religious career
Post Imam of Masjid al-Haram, Makkah

Maher bin Hamad Al Mueaqly (Arabic: الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي) born January 7, 1969, is the Imam of the Grand Mosque[1] in Makka

Maher's mother and father moved to Medina and he was born there.[citation needed] The Al-Mueaqly clan belongs to the Balwa tribe. Maher is married and has four children: two boys and two girls. Al Mueaqly occasionally travels as part of his duties. In 2013, Al Mueaqly visited Kyrgyzstan from May 14-16 as a guest of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan.[2]


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