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Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited, acquired by Mahindra & Mahindra from the Government of Gujarat in 1999, is the oldest running tractor unit in India. The Mahindra Group has a 60% stake, the remaining 40% being held by the Government of Gujarat.

Originally founded in 1964 in cooperation with Motokov-Praha (Zetor) of Czechoslovakia.[1] The company is based in the state of Gujarat.

In 1912, Bombay-based Pashabhai Patel used to import tractors, through M/s Pashabhai Patel & Co. After independence, he was asked to procure 500 tractors by the Prime Minister Sri Jawaharlal Nehru. Licence was issued to the company, which entered into collaboration with Motokov Praha Czechoslovakia, and the name of the company was changed to Tractor & Bulldozer Pvt. Ltd. in 1964. Due to unavoidable problems, this company was handed over to Gujarat Agro in 1972, and its name changed to Hindustan Tractor Ltd. The company changed hands again in 1978, when the Gujarat State Government took it in its own hands and renamed it as Gujarat Tractor Corporation Ltd. (GTCL). After the disinvestment in 1999, it was renamed as Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Ltd. (MGTL).

Today,[when?] the tractors are sold under the "Shaktimaan" and "Farmplus" brands in the 30-60 hp range.[2]

Mahindra & Mahindra has now incorporated the "Shaktimaan" and "Farmplus" brands of tractors of Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited (MGTL) as its subsidiary, and is manufacturing its 30 hp and 35 hp models at its own plant at Nagpur, which are marketed by MGTL. For the other models, only the Engines are manufactured at MGTL plant, and the Transmissions are manufactured by M&M itself. Strict quality control is maintained by M&M. The Vadodara plant has also been renovated and modern assembly systems have been installed there.[when?]


Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited (MGTL) has its head office at Vadodara (formerly Baroda), Gujarat. Sri S.O. Tyagi is the head of MGTL, and Sri Pavan Deolia is the General Manager of Marketing. Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited (MGTL) has been a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) since 1999.

The company operated as Gujarat Tractor Corporation Limited, promoted by the Government of Gujarat (GoG) in 1978, and manufactured and marketed tractors under "Hindustan" brand name. The company presently[when?] manufactures powerful and fuel efficient tractors in a range from 30-60 hp marketed under the "Shaktimaan" and "Farmplus" brands. MGTL is an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS18001:2007 certified company. The company has a very good marketing network across India having 13 area offices and around 225 dealers.


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