Mahsum Korkmaz

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Mahsum Korkmaz
Nickname(s) Agit
Born Silvan, Turkey
Died 28 March 1986
Mount Gabar
Allegiance Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
Years of service 1978-28 March 1986
Rank Military Commander
Battles/wars 1982 Lebanon War
Kurdish–Turkish conflict

Mahsum Korkmaz, also known as Agit, was the first commander of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)'s military forces.[1] He is known to have led the 15 August 1984 PKK attacks which was the start of the PKK's armed rebellion for Kurdish independence.[2] He was killed on 28 March 1986, by Turkish forces.[3]

The PKK's main training facility during the 1980s and early 1990s, the Mahsum Korkmaz Academy, which was located in the Lebanon's Beqaa Valley was named after him.[4] Today, Mahsum Korkmaz is honored in the form of many commemoration days by the Kurdish Movement.


Preceded by
Post Created
Military Commander of the PKK
1980 – 1986
Succeeded by
Cemil Bayık