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Mahoe Suri, known in Islamic sources as Mahuy Suri, was a Iranian aristocrat who served as the of Merv in Khorasan during the reign of the last Sasanian king Yazdegerd III (r. 632-651).

Mahoe was probably from the House of Suren, one of the seven Parthian clans of the Sasanian state.[1] After the Arab invasion he killed Yazdegerd III, who fled to Merv from the Arabic invasion. According to the Shahnameh, the satrap of Khorasan, Mahoe, treacherously had one of his millers to kill Yazdgerd III, the last Sasanian king, after his defeat in Iraq.

Mahoe sends the miller to cut off his head on pain of losing his own, and having none of his race left alive. His chiefs hear this and cry out against him, and a Mobed of the name of Radui tells him that to kill a king or prophet will bring evil upon him and his son, and is supported in what he says by a holy man of the name of Hormuzd Kharad Shehran, and Mehronush.

The miller most unwillingly goes in and stabs him with a dagger in the middle. Mahoe's horsemen all go and see him and take off his clothing and ornaments, leaving him on the ground. All the nobles curse Mahoe and wish him the same fate.[2]

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