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Mai may refer to:

Given name[edit]

  • Mai, a Japanese female name
  • Mai, means mother in Marathi (One of Indian Language)
  • Mai (Arabic name), an Arabic female name
  • Mai or Maj, a Swedish female name (from Maja, a nickname for Maria, see Mary (given name))
  • Mai, a female Vietnamese name
  • Mai, the title of Sayfawa dynasty kings of Chad
  • Mai, Old French for Maia, the Italic goddess of spring, the daughter of Faunus, and wife of Vulcan
  • Omai, also known as Mai, the first person from the Pacific Islands to visit Europe
  • Mai Atafo, a Nigerian fashion designer
  • Mai Charoenpura, a Thai pop singer from Bangkok
  • Mai Kadowaki, a Japanese voice actress
  • Mai Kuraki (born 1982), a J-pop singer
  • Mai Hagiwara (born 1996), a J-pop singer under Hello! Project and a member of the band Cute
  • Mai Hoshimura (born 1981), a J-pop singer under the Sony Music Japan label
  • Mai Haruna (born 1984), a Japanese model and AV idol
  • Mai Ito (born 1984), a Japanese marathon runner
  • Mai (singer) (born 1984), formerly known as Ruppina, a J-Pop singer
  • Mai Matsumuro, (born 1983), a Japanese singer, composer and a former member of J-pop girl band "Dream".
  • Mai Safoora, (died 1795), a Sufi Saint and mother of Saleh muhammad safoori
  • Mai Yamada, a Japanese actress
  • Mai Yamane, (born 1958), a Japanese English-language blues singer
  • Mai Zetterling, a Swedish actress and film director


Fictional characters[edit]

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