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Maii Kadowaki
門脇 舞以
Born (1980-09-08) September 8, 1980 (age 34)
Tokyo, Japan
Other names Maita (舞太)
Occupation Voice actress

Maii Kadowaki (門脇 舞以 Kadowaki Maii?, born September 8, 1980 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese voice actress.[1] Her old name (門脇 舞), had a different writing from the current one.

She is popular as a radio actress who wears glasses. She is also known for portraying meganekko characters on a regular basis. Her nickname is 舞太 (Maita). It originated from a mail address registration, where she wanted to use "mai" but wasn't allowed, so she opted for "maita" instead. On January 21, 2007, she announced on her website that she will rename herself as 門脇舞以 (Kadowaki Maii), which has the same pronunciation as her original name.

In September 2009, a crazed fan who had threatened her in a letter was arrested. The letters were sent to Kadowaki's agency.[2] On February 26, 2013, She announced on her website that she got married.[3]

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