Mai Nefhi

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Mai Nefhi (Tigrigna for "Water-Distend?") is both a location near Asmara, Eritrea and the dam after which it was named. The Mai Nefhi dam, constructed prior to Eritrean independence,[verification needed] is the main water source for Asmara.[citation needed] The dimensions of the dam are such that it is large enough to sustain the total population of Asmara.[citation needed]

Abardae a town with a population of 3000 residents is located nearby. Eritrea Institute of Technology, the only technical college in the country is located 500m away from Abardae-Mai Nefhi.

Coordinates: 15°15′08″N 38°47′02″E / 15.2523°N 38.7838°E / 15.2523; 38.7838