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Maia Sethna is a model,blogger and actress best known for her role as the young Lenny in Deepa Mehta's 1998 film, Earth. Maia’s childhood performance in 1947 Earth not only left a lasting impression on her but was the incipience of her desire to set foot into the world of drama, modelling, acting and performance. Her ambition to be a model and actress was complemented with academic development and higher education in Drama and English Literature in the United Kingdom.She has modeled for several English photographers and a popular website in the UK. She also played the lead role in a play ‘Project Runway’ Directed by Armaan Kirmani in London, portraying the journey of a young woman struggling to make an impact in the world of fashion. She is passionate about using performance and drama as a means of reaching out to people in the community,she traveled to Romania to volunteer in projects involving teaching drama to young children while also engaging in social work. Maia has also played a cameo role in the movie ‘Love, Break-up, Zindagi’ starring Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan. Her latest film, Main Aur Mr. Right is soon to release. Maia's eclectic blog Girl Panic is a popular fashion and lifestyle blog.

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