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Maidashi Ryokuchi park entrance marker

Maidashi Ryokuchi[1] (馬出緑地) is a public park in Higashi ward, Fukuoka, Japan .[2] The park is in Fukuoka's greenbelt and is an example of the re-use of abandoned railway land in an urban setting. Nishi-Nippon Railroad sold the property to the city in 1980. Its previous use is reflected in the park's narrow, linear shape.[3]


the Entrance and art object
The barrier-free stone pavement

Maidashi Ryokuchi is designed as a children's playground, with a public water fountain, play equipment and a nature trail.[4] The barrier-free nature trails provide a recreation area for older people. Pupils from the nearby Fukuoka Junior High School often play there after school. Located near the town Yume Town Hakata and overlooked by the local intermediate school, the park is a safe place for children to play. It is the biggest of the 10 parks in the Maidashi school district.[4] The park provides a meeting place for local citizens and is an example of a Kessetsu kikan (結節機関 Nodular system?) in Japan.

History (Classic ground of Modern history of Fukuoka)[edit]

there are collaboration with garden and the surrounding building estate.

Originally at the site of Maidashi Ryokuchi was the Hakata bay in Edo period, and at the becoming in Meiji era it was reclaimed by the full-scale landfill. In those days, the reclamation was done by the human wave tactics to carry dirt with the straw mat onto the silt layer. Before then, the great part of the coastline was natural and declared as Shirahama aomatsu (白砂青松 the pine trees with beautiful scenery of the seashore ?), but we cannot image the appearance in those days from present scene of Maidashi green belt. In 1924, Hakata wan Tetsudo Kisen (博多湾鉄道汽船 Hakata bay railway and steam ship company?) settled the electrical tramway between Shin Hakata (新博多 the New Hakata station?) and Kazu shirama (和白間?). In 1925 it was extended to Miyaji dake (宮地岳?). After the amalgamation, the company became the Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. (西日本鉄道会社), in 1951, and the railroad between Miyajidake and Tsuyazaki (津屋崎?) was opened. In 1954, the block distance of southern 3.3 kilometers railway from Nishi tetsu tatara (西鉄多々良?) was set apart, and it was combine with Nishi-tetsu Fukuoka city line (西鉄福岡市内線?). South area of Kaizuka was eliminated the role at the full phase-out of Fukuoka shinai line, and the siting was stopped the role of railroad facility.

After abolishing of operation of Nishi tetsu Takechi line, in 1980, the ground of the line was bought by Fukuoka city government, after three years construction operation, as one sphere redevelopment of Maidashi area in Fukuoka prefecture, it was put as the park in place.[3] This park is collaborate with the roundabout low-rise apartment house, it has an atmosphere of garden city.

bridge for pedestrians
Maidashi 3th[clarification needed] Koen

Originally it was not set as park, hence the form of site was elongate shape which conformed to the shape of the railway line. At the gate of the park, there was Maidashi 3 chome deport, now it is nonexistent in the ewigkeit. At present, Nishi tetsu (Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.) Bus is operated instead of the railway, the bus stop Maidashi 3 chome exist. This park is not independent as the 8th number Maidashi green belt, there are battery of green belts with serial number as province. [3] As presented above kick around the anomalistic process of the installation, the maidashi green belt gives the citizens opportunities to learn the modern history of Fukuoka since the Meiji era.

As a route to Yume Town Hakata[edit]

At the line extension of this belt, there is an area of pre-road over Route 3 Yume Town Hakata, from Prefectural Road 517 to Yume Town Hakata. Between this green belt and Yume Town Hakata, there is Route 3. There is a pedestrian bridge built over it, where children can cross safely.

Voluntary management[edit]

The management of Maidashi ryokuchi is done by Maidashi ryokuchi Aigo kai (馬出緑地愛護会 Maidash Green Belt Community Association?). It is a model of self-management by local volunteer residents and was agreed by Fukuoka city Council.

Associated Parks[edit]

Maidashi 1st park[edit]

Maidashi 1st park is a little garden located next to Maidashi Ryokuchi. The 8th Maidashi Ryokuchi is a children's playground, including a sandpit and scuttlebutt. [5] There are benches under tree cover, so in the summer months people can shade from the sun. Street lamps are a feature of the park, and are an important crime prevention measure.

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