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Original author(s) Orchestra Inc.
Developer(s) Dropbox Inc.
Initial release February 7, 2013; 2 years ago (2013-02-07)
Stable release 2.1 / (August 13, 2014; 6 months ago (2014-08-13))
Operating system iOS, Android, OS X (beta)
Platform iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, Macintosh
Type Email client

Mailbox is a freeware email management application for iOS, Android, and OS X developed by Orchestra, Inc. The application received coverage on numerous technology blogs for its ease-of-use and innovative features, including swipe-based email sorting and filtering.[1][2]

Weeks before its launch, pre-registration prompted a wait list of over 380,000.[3][4] Mailbox was added to the iOS App Store on Thursday, February 7, 2013;[5] it became the second most downloaded free app in the App Store that day. As of April 2013, Mailbox is available to users without wait-listing.[6]

In March 2013, Orchestra was acquired by Dropbox Inc., owners of the service Dropbox.[7][8][9]

In April 2014, Dropbox released Mailbox for Android and announced a beta version of an OS X app.[10][11]


The app currently runs on all iOS devices running iOS 8 or above.[12] With version 1.3.0 the app has been upgraded with an iPad user interface.


The service provided is limited to Gmail and iCloud accounts, though it also supported Yahoo! Mail briefly.[13] When setting up the application with Gmail you must enter your Gmail account information. The application uses its own server to repeatedly query Gmail about the contents of your inbox using Google's API. It then uses its server to push information to the device, as a POP3 email provider would, without the user actively fetching the email.

Starting in December 17, 2013, Mailbox added support for Yahoo email addresses. But on December 20, 2013, Yahoo! Mail support was removed and the Mailbox team reached out to the Yahoo! team to restore service.[14]


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