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Sega Genesis 32X

The Sega 32X is an add-on for the Sega Genesis video game console. It was designed to expand the power of the Genesis and serve as a transitional console into the 32-bit era until the release of the Sega Saturn. Unveiled at June 1994's Consumer Electronics Show, Sega presented the 32X as a low-cost option for playing 32-bit games. Developed in response to the Atari Jaguar and concerns that the Saturn would not be ready by the end of 1994, the product was originally conceived as an entirely new console, but was converted into an add-on to the existing Genesis and made more powerful. To meet the release date of November 1994, development of the new system and its games were rushed. Ultimately, the console failed to attract third-party video game developers and sufficient consumers due to the announcement of the Sega Saturn's simultaneous release in Japan. By the end of 1994, the 32X had sold 665,000 units; it was discontinued in 1996. Initial reception was positive, highlighting the low price and power expansion to the Genesis, but later reviews were mostly negative because of its shallow game library, poor market timing and the resulting market fragmentation for the Genesis. (Full article...)

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A black-and-white photograph of a full-bearded man sitting with his legs crossed and looking at the viewer while wearing a dark-coloured jacket and light-coloured pants

The bibliography of Fyodor Dostoyevsky comprises novels, novellas, short stories, essays and other literary works. Dostoyevsky started his writing career after finishing university. He started translating literature from French—which he learnt at a noble school—into Russian, and then wrote short stories. With the success of his first novel Poor Folk, he became known throughout Saint Petersburg and Russia. This success did not continue with his second novel The Double, and other short stories published mainly in left-wing magazines. Because of his participation in the Petrashevsky Circle, Dostoyevsky was imprisoned in Siberia for four years, during which time he wrote several works, including the autobiographical The House of the Dead. Following his release, Dostoyevsky wrote his most important works, including Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, The Gambler and The Brothers Karamazov. Several drafts and plans, especially those begun during his honeymoon, remain unfinished. (Full list...)

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The Spanish Wedding

The Spanish Wedding is an oil on panel painting by Marià Fortuny completed over a two-year period ending in 1870. It depicts the signing of a wedding contract in 18th century Spain and was influenced heavily by the works of Francisco Goya, whom the artist admired. It is currently exhibited at the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

Painting: Marià Fortuny

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