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Typhoon Higos

The 2002 Pacific typhoon season, covering the Pacific north of the equator and west of the International Date Line, was very active, with many tropical cyclones affecting the Philippines, Japan, and China, especially from July to October. Overall, there were 37 tropical depressions declared officially or unofficially, of which 26 became named storms, including 15 typhoons (hurricanes). The season began early: Tapah developed on January 10 east of the Philippines. Two months later, Typhoon Mitag became the first recorded super typhoon in March. In June, Typhoon Chataan dropped heavy rainfall in the Federated States of Micronesia, killing 48 people and becoming the deadliest natural disaster in the state of Chuuk. Chataan later left heavy damage in Guam before striking Japan. In August, Typhoon Rusa became the deadliest typhoon in South Korea in 43 years, causing 238 deaths and $4.2 billion in damage. Typhoon Higos (pictured) in October was the third-strongest typhoon to strike Tokyo since World War II. Typhoon Pongsona, the last of the season, became one of the costliest storms ($700 million) on record in Guam; it dissipated on December 11. (Full article...)

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Shallow water equations

Output from a shallow water equation model of water in a bathtub. The water experiences five splashes which generate surface gravity waves that propagate away from the splash locations and reflect off the bathtub walls.

The shallow water equations are a set of hyperbolic partial differential equations that describe the flow below a pressure surface in a fluid. They are derived from depth-integrating the Navier–Stokes equations in cases where the horizontal length scale is much greater than the vertical length scale. The shallow water equations can also be simplified to the commonly used 1-D Saint Venant equation.

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