Main Naa Bhoolungi

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Main Naa Bhoolungi
Format Psychological thriller
Written by Virendra Shahaney, Aparna Shahaney, Dr. Vinay Chhawal, Lalsa Verma, Swapnil Deshpande, Virat Basoya
Directed by Anil V. Kumar
Creative director(s) Virendra Shahaney
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
Producer(s) Beyond Dreams & Dancing Waters, Yash A Patnaik, Mamta Yash Patnaik, Aparna Shahaney, Yash Puri, Virendra Shahaney
Original run December 23, 2013 – August 15, 2014
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Main Naa Bhoolungi (English: I Won't Forget) was an Indian television drama show created by writer Virendra Shahaney,[1] It airs on Sony India Monday to Friday. The show stars Aishwarya Sakhuja[1] in the female lead and Vikas Manaktala[2] in the male lead.


Shikha Gupta (Aishwarya Sakhuja) is a smart and independent woman. Her family is approached by Sameer Verma (Vikas Manaktala), a successful businessman who seems to be the perfect guy for her. She falls in love with him after he saves Shikha from her stalker, Neeraj, gets married and they have a baby. Their married life was perfect. But Sameer is not who he says he is —his real name is Aditya Jagannath and as part of a bigger plan, he has staged this love and marriage to Shikha. He attempts to murder her by pushing her off a cliff and kidnaps their child, Manav. Shikha survives the murder attempt and embarks on a quest to reclaim her child and take revenge against Aditya. It is revealed that he is already married to a girl named Madhurima (Nigaar Khan), who was the mastermind behind previous incidents and that Aditya was the one who had asked Neeraj (Avinesh Rekhi), his college friend to stalk Shikha, so Sameer can save her to impress her. Aditya is residing in Jagannath Mansion as their 'Ghar-Jamaai', and Manav's name was changed to Arnav and introduced to the family as Madhu's and Aditya's child. Shikha initially refuses to take help from Neeraj to take revenge from Madhu and Aditya, but then agrees. The Guptas along with Neeraj file a lawsuit against the Jagannaths, citing deceit and attempt to murder and for the custody of Manav. Shikha loses the case when no evidence against Aditya is found and the DNA test reports of Shikha and Manav are changed and Shikha's boss is kidnapped when he came to testify against Aditya. After the case, a desperate Shikha kidnaps Manav and escapes to the airport and Neeraj joins her. Unfortunately Aditya and the Police track her down and take Manav away from her. With all hopes lost, Shikha suicides on the railway track. Later the police finds a body along with the possessions of Shikha, and the body is cremated. While the final rites are going on it is revealed that Shikha is still alive; Neeraj saved her from dying that day. She looks at her family from afar and promises them that she will return and have her revenge.

6 Months Later[edit]

Shikha returns after an extensive plastic surgery to her face with her new name Samaira Seth, an aspiring singer wanting to be famous. Samaira's music career kicks off with the new Jagannath Music label. Changing her own self to a new person, as the daughter of a businessman residing in Switzerland, Mr. Amrit Seth, she becomes the brand ambassador of Jagannath Group after much hype. She promises herself to take her son back and take revenge from Aditya. At first, Aditya thinks that Samaira is Shikha and tells Madhu that Shikha is alive. Madhu thinks that this is rubbish and makes Samaira sign the contract with Jagganath Group. She earns the trust of the Jagannaths and maintains a private relationship with them, after Madhu creates a fake friendship between Samaira and herself . Later onwards Samaira stars luring Aditya with her charms subsequently she moves into Jagannath Mansion, much to the displeasure of Madhu and slowly, Aditya falls in love with Samaira(All a part of Samaira's plan). Avinaash, Shikha's dad comes in front of the Jagannaths posing as Amrit Seth, much to the surprise of Shikha and displeasure of Madhu. One day, Aditya lies about Shikha Gupta to Samaira, how she tried to defame him and ruin his reputation with a false case. Samaira starts feeling emotional, as Aditya lies about Shikha. Samaira rebukes Aditya, then he blames everything on Madhurima. First, Samaira thinks that Aditya is lying and she asks him to prove it to her that Madhu was behind this master plan. In order to gain Samaira's trust, Aditya gets Madhu drunk and makes her confess everything in front of him while Samaira is hiding, listening to the duo's conversation. Shikha decides to take revenge from Madhu as well. Aditya and Samaira devise a plan; Samaira poses as Shikha's wandering soul infront of Madhu, telling to give back her Manav. Scared out of her wits, she takes Manav to a temple and attempts to kill the child while screaming out Shikha's name. The Jagannaths reach there in time and put up a cat-fight with Madhu while Samaira attepmts to escape the fiasco with Manav, but Madhu shoots anyways, but the bullet misses the child but hits an overhanging branch of a tree, which falls on Manav, severely injuring him. Manav is taken to the hospital. There he is in need of blood, and only Samaira's blood matches with Manav's blood type. After excessive blood donation, Samaira gets dizzy and the doctor refuses to take any more blood from her. Shikha pleads the doctor to take blood from her, and she says that Arnav is her child; she gave birth to her and Madhu overhears Shikha. Later Madhu blackmails Shikha telling she will reveal her secret. Madhu runs away with Neeraj hot on her trail. Shikha desperately starts cutting her wrist. Neeraj is unable to catch Madhu in time, she runs to Mahanto and the others and spills the beans. Samaira reaches there, screaming and warning everyone to stay away from her telling that Madhu attacked her telling that she is Shikha. The doctor comes and says Madhu bribed him into saying that Samaira is actually Shikha. Madhu is sent off to the mental asylum when she is unable to prove anything. In the mental asylum, Samaira comes to visit Madu dressed as Shikha and taunts her, she tells that she will ruin her and Aditya. Sunaina and Mahanto decide to get Samaira and Aditya married just because he doesn't want to forsake Arnav's (Manav) future. Mahanto Jaggannath forcibly take Madhu's fingerprints on the divorce papers, for the sake of Arnav. Samaira and Aditya soon get married according to Shikha's plan, but Madhu escapes from the mental asylum and crashes Samaira's and Aditya's wedding. The couple gets married anyways. Shikha decides to keep Madhu in Jaggannath mansion so she can keep hurting her. Samaira wants to adopt Arnav, but Mahanto strongly disagrees, but after being convinced by Amrit Seth A.K.A. Avinaash, Mahanto promises to give adoption papers to Samaira on her birthday only if Madhu's health show no signs of getting better. Soon Neeraj also enters the Jagganath mansion posing as Dr. Avasthi. He starts giving Madhu medicines which would worsen her health. Madhu finds out about Samaira's and Neeraj's plan and gets angered. Madhu starts brainwashing Neeraj when she realizes that Neeraj has feelings for Shikha, with the hope that Neeraj would take some action which would cost Shikha dearly. Mahanto gets sick and then Samaira suggests a priest she knows, and that he will give a solution. She bribes a priest to come to the Jagannath household and tell that Mahanto's sickness can be cured if the eldest son of the family cleans the house;every nook and corner. As Jai was away, Aditya has to do all the cleaning, and Samaira enjoys the sight of Aditya working as a servant. She records a video of Aditya cleaning the place and sends it to Mahi, she and Sudha watch the video and mock him. Meanwhile Aditya becomes Impotent, therfore Shikha takes advantage of the situation by making a housemaid to file a case against Aditya citing attempts to rape. Aditya tries to end the case by bribing the maid at his lawyer's office, and media reporters come and catch him red-handed (Samaira calls them there). They start asking him all sorts of questions when Samaira stops them by telling that Aditya cannot do such a thing even if he wanted to, as he is impotent, embarrassing him in front of the world. The Inauguration day of the International branch of the Jagannath Group comes, and Samaira And Aditya are the main guests. Madhu gets a gun and goes to where Avinash and his family are living, and calls up Shikha, threatening her that if she does't confess the truth in front of everyone , she will shoot any one of them. Neeraj finds out and reaches the Gupta home, trying to save them when Madhu accidentally shoots Vineet. Neeraj hits Madhu's head with a vase, making her unconscious. Shikha reaches to her brother's side in time, and Vineet breathes his last on Shikha's lap. Shikha slaps and blames Neeraj for her brother's death. Shikha decides to end this facade once and for all by telling the Jagannaths about her reality, as she doesn't her child at the expense of her family members' lives, but in the hospital, she fails to muster the courage to tell the truth once she sees her child. The doctor says that Madhu slipped into a coma. Vineet's final rites are completed with the presence of Shikha and Mr. & Mrs. Jagannath. Aditya gets mails and text messages from a "well-wisher", referring to Samaira's truth and one day Aditya decides to meet this well-wisher. It was none other than Madhurima, who bribed the doctor into telling that she went into a coma, and Shikha's plastic surgeon's assistant who had blackmailed her earlier as well. Then Aditya gets to know about Samaira's truth by watching her plastic surgery video which the assistant shows him. Aditya and Madhu secretly plan to kill Shikha. Samaira's b'day arrives and Aditya intends to take Samaira to Panchgani(the place where Shikha's murder was attemped). As it is Samaira's bday, Mahanto gives Samaira Arnav's adoption papers as promised earlier, but as she was about to sign them, Madhu puts up an act of regaining consciousness and getting cured of her mental ailment. Then Mahanto refuses to give adoption to Samaira. Madhu creates a scene when she hears about the adoption and stages losing consciousness, later Madhu escapes the Jagannath household with Arnav, leaving a letter to Samaira telling even if she took her husband, she will not have her child. Aditya gets a call from Madhu, but he doesn't let Shikha speak with her. Later, he tells Madhu threatned to kill Arnav. Both Samaira and Aditya leave to find the child. Shikha informs Avinash about the same while leaving, and Avinaash comes disguised as Mr. Seth and reveals the truth that about himself and Samaira;that Shikha is Samaira to the Jagganath family & to the world, and that their Arnav is actually Shikha's son Manav. Mahanto furiously tells Avinaash that they will file a lawsuit against the Guptas, but Avinaash apologizes and asks for one chance to prove his point. Mahanto and Avinash go to the police to track down Madhu, but as Madhu's phone was off, they tracked Aditya's phone to Panchgani and leave for the town. Samaira reaches Madhu, and after putting up a fight with her, Shikha manages to free Manav from Madhu's grasp and runs away with him but bumps into Aditya on the way. There she learns about Aditya joining hands once more with Madhurima and their intentions to kill her. Shikha is buried alive, and Madhu drives to the very cliff from which Shikha was pushed down two and a half years ago. Miraculously, Shikha manages to dig her way out of the pit and goes the cliff where Aditya is. Aditya walks to the edge of the cliff and Madhu comes from behind and stealthily tries to push him over, and Shikha reaches the spot and yells out Aditya's name, thereby confronting the scheming duo. A fight initiates between the duo and Shikha, who drag her to the edge of the cliff, trying to push her off again. The police reaches in time along with the Guptas & Jagannaths, who see for their eyes what has been happening all the time. Aditya snatches Manav and threatens to throw him down the cliff if anyone dares to come forward, but Neeraj grabs the child from Aditya's hands out of nowhere, and beats him up and kicks him down the cliff, but Shikha holds his hand, preventing him from falling. Aditya apologizes from Shikha for what he has done to her, and past events of her life flashes in Shikha's eyes; marriage to Sameer, happy times with Manav, deceit and murder attempts. Shikha says to Aditya that she will not forgive him as this will be a lesson to all those Aditya Jagannaths who dare to mess with the other Shikha Guptas. She then says to Neeraj that he deserves only death as a punishment, which he will get, but only at her hands. She lets go of his hand and Aditya falls to his death. Madhu is arrested, and the Guptas reconcile and Mahanto Jagannath apologize from the Guptas. Neeraj walks away and Shikha stops him, and Mahi makes Shikha realize their love for each other. Shikha, Manav and Neeraj walks away as a family, as the show ends on a happy note.


  • Aishwarya Sakhuja as Shikha Avinash Gupta/Samaira Seth
  • Vikas Manaktala as Sameer Verma/ Aditya Jagannath
  • Avinesh Rekhi as Neeraj Sachdeva
  • Bhuvan Chopra as Avinash Gupta
  • Rajlaxmi Solanki as Sudha Avinash Gupta
  • Pulkit Bangia as Vineet Avinash Gupta
  • Nigaar Khan as Madhurima Aditya Jagannath
  • Papiya Sengupta as Sunaina Mahanto Jagannath
  • Anang Desai as Mahanto Jagannath
  • Atul Kinagi as Jai Mahanto Jagannath
  • Garima Jain as Arya Mahanto Jagannath


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