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Constance Stokes (1906–1991) was a modernist Australian painter working in Victoria. She trained at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School until 1929, winning a scholarship to continue her study at London's Royal Academy of Arts. Her paintings and drawings were exhibited from the 1940s onwards, and she was one of only two women included in a major exhibition of twelve Australian artists that travelled to Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy in the early 1950s. Influenced by George Bell, Stokes was part of the Melbourne Contemporary Artists, a group Bell established in 1940, and her works continued to be well-regarded by art historians for many years after the group's formation. Her husband's early death in 1962 forced her to return to painting as a career, resulting in a successful one-woman show in 1964, her first in thirty years. She continued to paint and exhibit through the 1980s. Her work faded into relative obscurity after her death, until the publication of Anne Summers' 2009 book The Lost Mother, a narrative that highlights Stokes and her paintings. Her art is represented in most major Australian galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria. (Full article...)

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The Grosvenor Picture Palace in 2015

  • ... that the Grosvenor Picture Palace (pictured), built in 1913–15 in Manchester, was once the largest cinema in the United Kingdom outside of London, and is now a student pub called The Footage?
  • ... that in 2002, the Theta Land Corporation leased land along Panther Creek to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for $1 per year?
  • ... that Rik Vercoe gunned down the world record at the 2014 London Marathon for the "fastest runner dressed as a cowboy" but was pipped to the post by the "fastest jockey"?
  • ... that the first part of Glee‍‍ '​‍s two-part series finale, "2009", was initially announced as airing three weeks prior to the finale date?
  • ... that the investigative journalist David Marchant was responsible for exposing the Ponzi scheme at First International Bank of Grenada?
  • ... that the Espy Bog is the only site in Columbia County, Pennsylvania where organic soils have been observed?
  • ... that Bob Drury earned $20 for his first published news story?

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A diagram of vernier calipers, a device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object, showing the individual parts:
  1. Outside large jaws: used to measure external diameter or width of an object
  2. Inside small jaws: used to measure internal diameter of an object
  3. Depth probe: used to measure depths of an object or a hole
  4. Main scale in centimeters, marked every millimeter
  5. Main scale in inches, marked every 1/16 of an inch
  6. Vernier scale gives interpolated measurements to 1/20 of a millimeter
  7. Vernier scale gives interpolated measurements to 1/128 of an inch
  8. Retainer: used to block movable part to allow the easy transferring of a measurement

Here the metric scale shows a distance of 2.475 cm between the jaw faces: the 0 mark on the vernier is between 2.4 and 2.5, and the 7.5 mark is the one best aligned with a mark on the main scale. Similarly, the inch scale shows (15\tfrac{5}{8})/16, or 125/128, of an inch.

Diagram: Joaquim Alves Gaspar, modified by ed g2s

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