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The building where the party was held

Leigh Leigh was a 14-year-old girl from Fern Bay on the east coast of Australia, who was murdered on 3 November 1989. While attending a teenage birthday party at Stockton Beach (location of party pictured in 2014), Leigh was kicked and spat on by a group of boys after she publicly asserted she had been raped. Leigh left the party shortly afterwards. Her naked body was found in nearby sand dunes the following morning, with severe genital damage and a crushed skull. Matthew Webster (18 years old) pleaded guilty to her murder and served 14½ years in prison. A 19-year-old male pleaded guilty to assault; a third male (aged 15) pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor. The murder investigation proved controversial as several people who admitted to various crimes, including assaulting Leigh, were never charged, and Webster's confession did not match the forensic evidence. The extended media coverage of the murder, which has been cited as an example of victim blaming, tended to focus on the lack of parental supervision at the party, drug and alcohol use, and Leigh's sexuality. The murder inspired a theatrical play entitled Blackrock, as well as a feature film of the same name. (Full article...)

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Opernhaus am Taschenberg in 1678

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United States Note, series 1928

The 1928 series of United States Note, the first small-size banknotes issued in the United States. The $2 and $5 bills in this series, which replaced the large-sized notes that had been used since the Civil War, were introduced in 1929, though $1 notes were issued in 1933 in response to the Great Depression. The obverses of these bills were similar to contemporary Federal Reserve Notes, but can be readily differentiated by their red (not green) U.S. Treasury Seals and serial numbers.

This set of three images from the National Numismatic Collection at the National Museum of American History show the first $1, $2, and $5 notes printed. Each has the serial number A00000001A.

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Banknote: Bureau of Engraving and Printing (image courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection, National Museum of American History)

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