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Tropical Depression Erick and Tropical Storm Flossie

The 1995 Pacific hurricane season, running roughly from May to November, was the least active one since 1979. Of the eleven tropical cyclones that formed, four affected land, all in Mexico: Hurricane Flossie killed seven people around Baja California, Tropical Storm Gil dropped heavy rainfall in Southern Mexico, Hurricane Henriette caused moderate damage near Cabo San Lucas, and Ismael struck the state of Sinaloa as a minimal hurricane, killing at least 116 people. The strongest hurricane of the season was Hurricane Juliette, which reached peak winds of 150 mph (240 km/h) but did not significantly affect land. Of eleven tropical cyclones, including Tropical Depression Erick and Tropical Storm Flossie (both pictured, with Erick to the left), ten became tropical storms. Seven storms attained hurricane status, of which three acquired major hurricane status. The number of tropical storms was much less than the average of 16 storms, with a slightly below average number of hurricanes and major hurricanes. (Full article...)

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Michelle Rodriguez

  • ... that the 2000 film Girlfight marked the debut of Michelle Rodriguez (pictured), who had never had a speaking role before but was called "extraordinarily gifted"?
  • ... that Sunil Kumar Verma was co-inventor of Universal primer technology, which allows identification of any unknown biological sample and its assignment to a known species source?
  • ... that HMS Alceste was wrecked, then later burned, by Malayan pirates?
  • ... that Maryat Lee's company Eco Theater developed plays from oral histories, using unpaid actors in productions often followed by discussions?
  • ... that in the grounds of Poulton Hall, Merseyside, is a former brewhouse with a turret containing a 32–bell carillon?
  • ... that Steely Dan's "FM" has four key changes in its first eight lines?
  • ... that male bryozoans Electra pilosa liberate sperm into the sea and females may actively collect this?

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Hotel Astoria (Saint Petersburg)

Hotel Astoria is a five-star hotel located on Saint Isaac's Square in Saint Petersburg. Commissioned in 1910 by the Palace Hotel Company to host visitors to the Romanov tercentenary, the hotel was designed by Fyodor Lidval and first opened in 1912. After the October Revolution, it continued to be used as a state-operated hotel, though during World War II it was also a field hospital. The hotel, now owned by Rocco Forte Hotels, has been renovated several times, most recently in 2012.

Photograph: Florstein

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