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Rivadavia at speed, c. 1914–15

ARA Rivadavia was an Argentine battleship, the lead ship of its class, constructed during the South American dreadnought race. When the Brazilian government placed an order for two powerful new "dreadnought"-type warships in 1907, the Argentines moved quickly to acquire their own. After an extended bidding process, contracts to build Rivadavia and Moreno (its only sister ship) were given to the Fore River Shipbuilding Company. Given the tense international climate that soon broke out into the First World War, the Argentine government received several offers for the ships. This dovetailed with a legislative movement that aimed to sell the ships and devote the proceeds to improving the country's educational system. These efforts were defeated, and Rivadavia was commissioned into the Argentine Navy on 27 August 1914, one hundred years ago. Both Argentine dreadnoughts underwent extensive refits in the United States in 1924–25, and saw no active duty during the Second World War. Rivadavia's last cruise was in 1946. The ship was sold for scrapping in 1957 and broken up two years later. (Full article...)

Part of the South American dreadnought race and the Rivadavia-class battleships series, two of Wikipedia's featured topics.

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Leiocephalus personatus

Leiocephalus personatus is a species of curly-tailed lizard first described by Edward Drinker Cope in 1862. This specimen was photographed in the reptile zoo of Neu-Ulm, Germany.

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