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Manchán, Mainchín, Manchéne and a variety of other spellings may refer to:

  • Mainchín of Limerick (fl. late 6th century), son of Sétna, patron saint of Limerick. Feast day: 29 December.
  • Manchán of Lemanaghan (d. 665), son of Sillán, patron of Liath Mancháin, now Lemanaghan, in County Offaly. Feast day: 20 or 24 January.
  • Manchán of Min Droichit (d. 652), also Manchéne, scholar and abbot of Min Droichit (Co. Offaly). Feast day: 2 January.
  • Mainchín of Corann, son of Collán. Feast day: 13 January.

First name[edit]