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This article is about the area of Newport. For the area of Cardiff, see Maindy.

Maindee (Welsh: Maendy) is a large inner-city commercial and residential area in the city of Newport, South Wales.

It lies mostly within the electoral district (ward) and community (parish) of Victoria, although some areas traditionally associated with Maindee are in the Beechwood ward.

The name 'Maindee' is an anglicised version of Maendy meaning 'stone house'.

Maindee is home to a sizeable Asian-Muslim population with three mosques located in the area.

Maindee is also an area of Newport highly populated with University students attending the two campuses in the city.

A large selection of shops are located on Chepstow Road, Corporation Road and Church Road. A station of Gwent Police and a public library are located on Chepstow Road. A station of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is also located in Maindee.

The annual Maindee Festival and Parade, held each July is a popular community arts event to all residents in Newport. The former Maindee Baths is an Art Deco building and the disused empty swimming pool has been used for location shots in the BBC TV series Being Human.

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