Maine Principals' Association

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Maine Principals' Association
Map of USA highlighting Maine.png
Abbreviation MPA
Formation 1927
Type Volunteer; NPO
Legal status Association
Purpose/focus Athletic/Educational
Headquarters 50 Industrial Dr.
Augusta, ME 04338
Region served Maine
Membership 153 high schools
Official languages English
Executive Director Richard A. Durost
Affiliations National Federation of State High School Associations
Staff 12
Remarks (207) 622-0217

The Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) is the governing body for sports competitions among all public and some private high schools in the state of Maine. It is a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations. The MPA offices are located in Augusta.


First established in 1927 as the State Principals' Association, it became the Maine Principals' Association in 1992 as a result of a merger between the Maine Secondary School Principals' Association (est. 1951) and the Maine Elementary Principals' Association (est. 1975).

Athletic Classifications[edit]

Schools competing under the MPA are grouped into (at most) four classes, with different enrollment cutoffs for each sport (Broken down by season)[1]:


Sport Class A Class B Class C Class D
Cross Country 760 & up 450-759 0-449
Field Hockey 775 & up 440-774 0-439
Football 875 & up 600-874 455-599
Golf 700 & up 375-699 0-374
Soccer 725 & up 400-724 200-399 0-199
Volleyball 475 & up 0-474


Sport Class A Class B Class C Class D
Basketball 735 & up 400-724 200-399 0-199
Cheerleading 735 & up 400-724 200-399 0-199
Drama 550 & up 0-549
Boys'ice hockey 850 & up 0-849
Girls'ice hockey Only One Class
Skiing 675 & up 500-674 0-499
Swimming 785 & up 0-784
Indoor Track 800 & up 0-799
Wrestling 715 & up 485-714 0-484


Sport Class A Class B Class C Class D
Baseball 735 & up 400-724 200-399 0-199
Lacrosse 830 & up 0-829
Softball 735 & up 400-724 200-399 0-199
Tennis 720 & up 400-419 0-399
Outdoor Track 800 & up 500-799 0-499

Schools are reclassified every two years. The classification thresholds are currently being adjusted and would go into effect for the fall 2009 sports season. A school may petition the Association to play in a class above or below its enrollment figure. Currently, most sports are split into "Eastern" and" "Western" divisions. Championships are played at several locations around the state including Fitzpatrick Stadium (football) and basketball championships between the Bangor Auditorium, Augusta Civic Center), the Portland Exposition Building and the Cumberland County Civic Center depending on class and geographical division. The MPA using a mathematical system called heal points to determine tournament standings, the latest heal points and an explanation on how to determine the points can be found here. Currently basketball, soccer, ice hockey, lacrosse and tennis are the only sports to have separate male and female teams, baseball is male only and softball is female only. Girls ice hockey became a sanctioned sport as of the winter 2008 season. [2]

Responsibilities other than athletic[edit]

The MPA also includes Debate, Drama, Music, National Honor Society, Science Fair, Speech and Student Council as their responsibilities. In addition to interscholastic events, the MPA offers a "Professional Division", which provides opportunities for education and professional advancement for elementary, middle/junior high and high school principals, assistant principals, technical education center directors, assistant directors and other administrators who function primarily as building principals or assistant principals.

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