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State Route 27 marker

State Route 27
Route information
Maintained by MaineDOT
Length: 154.86 mi[1] (249.22 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 238 in Southport

US 1 in Wiscasset
US 201 / SR 9 in Gardiner
US 201 / US 202 / SR 11 in Augusta
I‑95 in Augusta
SR 3 in Augusta
US 2 in New Sharon

US 2 / SR 4 in Farmington
North end: Route 161 in Saint-Augustin-de-Woburn, QC (Coburn Gore-Woburn Border Crossing)
Counties: Lincoln, Kennebec, Franklin, Somerset
Highway system

State Routes in Maine

SR 26A SR 32
Route 27 through downtown Kingfield
Sugarloaf USA seen from Route 27 (and Route 16) in Carrabassett Valley
Cranberry Peak of Bigelow Mountain seen from Route 27 (and Route 16) facing northbound in Carrabassett Valley

State Route 27 is part of Maine's system of numbered state highways, running from the village of Newagen in Southport to the Canadian Border in Coburn Gore. It passes through the major cities, towns, and villages of Boothbay Harbor, Wiscasset, Gardiner, Augusta, the Belgrade Lakes Region, Farmington, Kingfield, and Eustis.

Route description[edit]

The route begins at State Route 238 in Southport and heads northeast to the town of Boothbay Harbor. It intersects State Route 96, then heads north to the town of Edgecomb to US Route 1, where it turns left along US 1 heading into the town of Wiscasset. It intersects State Route 218, and then immediately turns right and continues north to Dredsen. There it intersects State Route 197. Then it continues north to Pittson where it intersects State Route 194 and State Route 126. Then it continues into Randolph where it intersects State Route 226 and then it turns west as State Route 9 continues north to Augusta. There it intersects State Route 24 and US Route 201 heading north through the towns of Farmingdale and Hallowell. In Augusta it intersects US Route 202, State Route 11, State Route 17 and State Route 100. Then it leaves US Route 201 and turns northwest toward Belgrade. It intersects State Route 105 and State Route 104 before heading to Interstate 95 along with State Route 8 and State Route 11. In North Augusta, it also intersects State Route 3. In Sidney, it intersects Maine State Route 23. In Belgrade, Route 8/11 leave and Route 27 intersects State Route 135. It passes through Belgrade Lakes Village. In Rome, it intersects State Route 225. It then intersects US Route 2, turns onto the road, enters the town of New Sharon, and intersects State Route 134. In Farmington Falls, it intersects State Route 41 and State Route 156, which head south. It then turns right onto State Route 4, and State Route 43. The routes then turn east toward Industry. State Route 27 then leaves State Route 4 and heads north into New Vineyard. State Route 27 is then concurrent with State Route 234 for a few miles before entering New Portland. It then intersects State Route 146 and heads north to Kingfield. It intersects State Route 142 and begins a concurrency State Route 16. The two routes enter Carrabassett Valley, where they pass Sugarloaf Mountain. The routes then enter Stratton, where State Route 16 forks to the west towards Rangeley, leaving State Route 27 to head north to Eustis. Then it curves to the northeast to Coburn Gore where it crosses the border into Quebec as Quebec Route 161.

Concurrent routes[edit]

From South to North, Route 27 overlaps with the following routes:


Route 3 was extended in 2013 from its previous terminus at Interstate 95 to end at Route 27 in Augusta, to serve the new Alfond Center for Health and Cancer Center.[2]

Major points of interest[edit]