Maine gubernatorial election, 1954

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Maine gubernatorial election, 1954
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September 13, 1954 → 1956

  Edmund Muskie.jpg
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 135,673 113,298
Percentage 54.49% 45.51%


Election results by county
Republican (Red), Democrat (Blue)

Governor before election

Burton M. Cross

Elected Governor

Edmund Muskie

The 1954 Maine gubernatorial election took place on September 13, 1954. Incumbent Republican Governor Burton M. Cross was seeking a second term which would have made him the fifth consecutive Governor (all Republicans) to be elected twice. Democratic state representative Edmund Muskie, widely viewed as the underdog due to Maine's solidly Republican history, was able to pull an upset victory and become the first Democrat to be elected to the Blaine House since Louis J. Brann in 1934. His election is widely viewed as the beginning of the rise of the Democratic Party in Maine, and the end of Republican dominance in the state.[citation needed]


1954 Gubernatorial Election, Maine[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Edmund Muskie 135,673 54.49% -
Republican Burton M. Cross (Incumbent) 113,298 45.51% -
Majority 22,375 8.99%