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Robbie's Mainland Premier League
Mainland Football Logo.jpg
Country New Zealand
Confederation OFC (Oceania)
Founded 1998
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 2
Domestic cup(s) Chatham Cup
Current champions Cashmere Technical
Most championships Cashmere Technical, Ferrymead Bays (4 titles each)
Website Mainland Football

The Mainland Premier League, or Robbie's Mainland Premier League for sponsorship reasons, is an amateur-status league competition run by Mainland Football for association football clubs located in the northern half of the South Island, New Zealand.

It is currently regarded by the New Zealand footballing community as the strongest football league in the South Island of New Zealand and features current and former ASB Premiership players. The competition currently runs between March and August each year, and consists of seven teams based in Christchurch, and one team in Nelson. There are 21 rounds where teams play each other three times. The winner of the league qualifies for the South Island Championship, a one-off game against the winner of the FootballSouth Premier League, which is hosted by the two federations in alternate years. Cashmere Technical is the current holder of the South Island Championship.

By statute, the winners of the Mainland Football, and Nelson Bays region's Division One League play in a home and away play-off, with the winner of the tie receiving promotion to the Premier League. However due to potential extra costs including travel, the winner of the Nelson Bay's Division One title forgoes the right to a play-off. This effectively means that the winner of the Mainland Football Division One title is promoted to the Premier League.

Formerly, the 2010 league was named Matson's Premier Football League due to the sponsorship agreement with the New Zealand beverage company Matson's Brewery. As of 2011, the Mainland Football top-tier football competition has been named the Robbie's Premier Football League with a one-year sponsorship agreement with the New Zealand beverage and food restaurant chain company Robbie's Bar & Bistro, which has been extended each year.

In 2012, Woolston Technical and Cashmere Wanderers were merged into Cashmere Technical, they replaced the Woolston side that had finished 6th in the 2011 competition. Recently merged teams Coastal Spirit (Established between New Brighton AFC and Rangers AFC in 2008), and FC Twenty Eleven (Established between Avon United and Burnside AFC in 2011) entered the Premier League through promotion from the Division One competition.

In the 2012 season, Christchurch United were relegated from the league after a season-long relegation battle with FC Twenty Eleven. Nomads United, who won the Division One title, have been promoted back up to the Premier League. Coastal Spirit completed a switch of home ground for the 2013 season from Linfield Park to Cuthberts Green. However, in 2014 they were forced to move back to Linfield because Cuthberts was deemed not up to be up to Premier League standard by Mainland Football. Universities were also forced to play their home games away from Ilam fields for the same reason.

The 2013 season was one of the closest competitions in recent memory. Ferrymead Bays set the pace early on, but soon fell away in the middle of the season after 4–0 home defeat to Nelson Suburbs in a top of the table clash. Eventually after several strong title challenges by the top four teams Cashmere Technical emerged victorious, succumbing to only two losses in the league, and 3 in a season that saw them win the treble which also included the South Island Championship, and the Chatham Cup. FC Twenty Eleven were relegated to the Mainland Division One Competition, with the University of Canterbury replacing them after securing the Mainland Division One title.

The 2014 season begun on the weekend of 22 March, with Nelson Suburbs beaten 4-1 at home by the newly promoted Universities. Both Cashmere Technical and Western have continued their strong form from the 2013 season. Cashmere were unbeaten for the first 10 games until an 11th round 1-0 defeat to Nelson Suburbs on 31 May. This was Cashmere's first defeat since 1 June 2013. Previously, it had taken their tenth game of the season for them to concede a goal in the league with a 4-3 win over University of Canterbury. It was a victory over that same team (this time the score was 1-0) which secured Tech their second straight title, with 2 games to spear. In the final round, University managed a 6-2 win over Coastal, which secured them their 2015 MPL status through goal difference after a Nomads 2-2 draw with Nelson was not enough. In Division One, Christchurch United secured promotion to the 2015 MPL on 12 July, with a 2-2 draw against Parklands. For Cashmere, it was another successful season where they also retained, the South Island Championship, and the Chatham Cup.

Donnithorne Simms English Cup –[edit]

The English Cup is a knock-out competition that is sponsored by Donnithorne Simms Mitsubishi, and features all clubs within the Mainland Football Federation. All games are currently played mid-week (with exception to the final, which is a Saturday afternoon) at the neutral venue of English Park. Currently, Ferrymead Bays are the holders of the trophy for 2012 and 2013 after defeating Coastal Spirit on both occasions.

The 2014 English Cup commenced on Tuesday 15 April with Hornby United defeating Burwood AFC 4-0. The teams included are all Mainland Premier League teams (except Nelson Suburbs), as well as Burwood AFC, Christchurch United, Hornby United, Parklands AFC, Selwyn United, and Waimak United. [2] The First Round draw features byes for Ferrymead Bays, Halswell United, and Waimak United, were joined by five other teams to complete the quarter finals. Western played Cashmere Technical in the final, where the secured a 1-0 win, which won them their 23rd English Cup title.

Robbies Premier Football League Clubs – 2014[edit]

Position (2013) Current Position (2014) Club Location Home Ground English Cup Exit Position (2014) Chatham Cup Exit Position (2014)
6th 5th Coastal Spirit Bromley, New Zealand Linfield Park (2,000) (Grass) Semi Final

1-3 Western

4th Round

0-1 Cashmere

7th 8th (Relegated to Divison One) Nomads United Casebrook, New Zealand Tulett park (1,500) (Grass) Quarter Final

1-2 Ferrymead

2nd Round

0-1 Coastal Spirit

3rd 3rd Ferrymead Bays Redcliffs, New Zealand Barnett Park (1,000) (Grass) Semi Final

1-4 Cashmere

1st Round

2-2 (4-5 on Penalties) Cashmere

5th 6th Halswell United Halswell, New Zealand Halswell Domain (1,500) (Grass) Quarter Final

0-2 Cashmere

3rd Round

1-2 Cashmere

2nd 4th Nelson Suburbs Nelson, New Zealand Saxton Field (2,000) (Grass) Not Able To Enter Did Not Enter
NA (Promoted) 7th University of Canterbury Ilam, New Zealand Ilam Fields (1,000) (Grass) 1st Round

1-2 Cashmere

2nd Round

0-4 Halswell

4th 2nd Western AFC Mairehau, New Zealand English Park (2,500) (Artificial Turf) Winners 1st Round

1-2 Coastal Spirit

1st 1st Cashmere Technical Woolston, New Zealand Garrick Memorial Park (2,000) (Grass) Runners Up 0-1 Western Winners

Robbies Men's Division One Clubs – 2014[edit]

Position (2013) Current Position (2014) Club Location Home Ground(s) English Cup Exit Position (2014) Chatham Cup Exit Position (2014**)
2nd 1st (Promoted to MPL) Christchurch United Spreydon, New Zealand Spreydon Domain (1,000) (Grass) 1st Round

1-2 Nomads

1st Round

1-2 University of Canterbury

3rd 4th Waimak United Kaiapoi, New Zealand Kendal Park (1,500) (Grass) Quarter Final 0-9 Western 1st Round

3-4 Burwood

4th Withdrew Mid Canterbury FC Ashburton, New Zealand Ashburton Domain (1,000) (Grass) Did Not Enter Did Not Enter
5th 3rd Cashmere Technical Turtles Woolston, New Zealand Garrick Memorial Park (2,000) (Grass) Not Able To Enter Not Able To Enter
6th 7th Hornby United Hornby, New Zealand Prebbleton Reserve (1,000) (Grass) Quarter Final

0-8 Coastal Spirit

Did Not Enter
NA (Promoted) 6th Parklands A.F.C.* Parklands, New Zealand Parklands Reserve (1,000) (Grass) 1st Round

2-6 Western

1st Round

0-5 Halswell

8th 2nd Selwyn United FC Rolleston, New Zealand Brookside Park (2,000) (Grass) 1st Round

1-3 Coastal Spirit

1st Round

2-4 Nomads

NA (Relegated) 5th FC Twenty Eleven Yaldhurst, New Zealand Avonhead Park (2,000) (Grass) Did Not Enter Did Not Enter
  • Mid Canterbury withdrew from Division One before their 8th round match against Christchurch United was played on 31 May. They had defaulted the two previous rounds. This means that the total number of teams has reduced to seven. A bye round has been incorporated into the competition to accommodate this.
  • FC Twenty Eleven Bombers who competed in the 2013 competition and finished 7th cannot stay at the current level in 2014 as FC Twenty Eleven would have two teams in the same competition. Because of this Selwyn maintained their Division One status.
  • Burwood AFC, who play in the 6th Division are the only other team to enter in the Chatham Cup, they played Waimak United in the First Round, defeating them away 4-3. They met Cashmere Technical at home in the Second Round, where the suffered a 9-0 defeat.

Robbies Premier Football League Winners[edit]

Club Number of Titles Year(s) Won
Christchurch United 1 1998
Halswell United 3 1999, 2000, 2001
Ferrymead Bays 4 2002, 2006, 2011, 2012
Nomads United 2 2003, 2007
Nelson Suburbs 3 2004, 2005, 2008
Cashmere Technical 3 2009*, 2010*, 2013, 2014
  • Cashmere Technical's MPL titles in 2009 and 2010 were won by Woolston Technical, which was later merged in 2012.

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