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This article is about the rock music club in New Jersey. For the music festival in New Zealand formerly called Mainstage, see Parachute music festival.

Mainstage was a short-lived rock music club in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Mainstage's claim to fame was a short booking run of national and international Metal bands. In the year and a half of existence, many local bands made the club their home as they pursued their dreams of being rock stars. Mainstage gained popularity with musicians due to its unique booking policy, which put local talent on stage with their punk rock heroes, such as Multi-Platinum rockers The Ataris, Punk Legends Regan Youth, European sensation, Bring Me The Horizon and numerous more.

Mainstage was apparently built,owned, and operated by a college student, Joe, and a bunch of his friends who dubbed as security guards, stage hands, snack chefs, and booking agents. The management was heavily criticized by the town counsel and police department for being so young. Joe the owner claimed they were jealous of the club's instant success. Additionally, Joe was personally criticized for his ignorance to towards the town officials and lack of cooperation with law enforcement.

Mainstage will best be remembered as the spot where NJ legends Folly played there last show for a crowd of over 1000. Guests reportedly came from up to 5 states away to see the epic conclusion to a Jersey veteran band's last curtain call.

In the end, Mainstage was shut down by the town due to an advertising violation. Regardless, Mainstage had the last laugh. Management reportedly went on to open several other venues, and artist management offices is Maplewood and Hoboken among others. It is also rumored that the Mainstage company bought a share in a Miami, FL nightclub co, explaining the title Mr. Miami that is under Joe's photo on the Maplewood facility (The Garden State Music Factory) MySpace page.

The company had a website - MAINSTAGENJ.COM which does not work anymore. Rumors constantly emerge about the company starting a new concert venue, studio, or something totally new. Their name sporadically appears on promotional fliers for some area bars, nightclubs and events.