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Map of the state of São Paulo, Brazil pointing Mairinque
Map of the state of São Paulo, Brazil pointing Mairinque
Coordinates: 23°32′47″S 47°11′01″W / 23.54639°S 47.18361°W / -23.54639; -47.18361Coordinates: 23°32′47″S 47°11′01″W / 23.54639°S 47.18361°W / -23.54639; -47.18361
Country Brazil
State São Paulo
Meso-region Paulista Macro-Metropolitan Meso-Region
Microrregions Sorocaba
Founded March 21, 1964
 • City 210.28 km2 (81.19 sq mi)
Elevation 850 m (2,790 ft)
Population (2004)
 • City 45,376
 • Rank 273rd
 • Density 220/km2 (560/sq mi)
 • Urban 12,649
 • Rural 5,735
 • Literacy rate 91.8%
Demonym Mairinquense
Postal code 18120-xxx
Area/distance code (00)55-15
Climate Subtropical

Mairinque is a municipality near Sorocaba, in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The city has a population (2004) of 45,376, and an area of 210.28 km², which includes an urban area of 18 km² plus a surrounding hinterland. It is at an elevation of 850 m (2,955 ft).

The city of Mairinque is situated in the central part of the state of São Paulo, 70 km from the state capital, to which it is connected by two major highways, the Rodovia Raposo Tavares and Rodovia Castelo Branco.

Population history[edit]

Year Population Change Density
2001 39,975 - 190.10/km²
2004 45,376 +5,401 or +13.51% 215.21/km²


According to the 2000 IBGE Census, the population was 39,975, of which most, some 34,240, are urban and 5,635 are rural. Its life expectancy for the city was 72.42 years tying Iperó's in the same state and the same microregion. The literacy rate was at 92.79%.


The city's hinterland contains mountains and valleys. Its climate is temperate and dry, with an average temperature of 18 °C.

Since the creation of an industrial park, the city has grown markedly, with a boom in activity in its public, private and social sectors. Urban change has been rapid, with considerable commercial development..

Many companies have head offices or regional offices in the city, including Cargill, Ibratele, Intertech, Agrosthal, Fiorella, Soldatopo, Chocolates Prink, Ferplast, Etrúria and Centrais de Estocagem Frigorificada (CEFRI).


First known as Villa Mayrink and was a part of São Roque, it became a municipality under the name "Mairinque" and is named after the counsellor to the Empire of Brazil, Francisco de Paula Mayrink. The circles the edges of the Sorocaban rail. Sorocaba has a rail museum.


Mairinque is surrounded by several other cities, such as the port of Santos (153 km away). Campinas (114 km) and Sorocaba (30 km). It is linked with the SP-270. It is connected with these and the city of São Paulo by several bus companies: Viação Cometa, Viação São Roque and Viação Nossa Senhora da Ponte, along with the FEPASA (Ferrovia Paulista S.A.).

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