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Province of the Sassanian Empire

Historical era Late Antiquity
 -  Sassanid conquest 226
 -  Rashidun conquest 637
Today part of  Iraq
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History of Iraq
Detail from the Ishtar Gate
Ancient Iraq
Classical Iraq
Medieval Iraq
20th-century Iraq
Republic of Iraq
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Maishan (Middle Persian: 𐭬𐭩𐭱𐭠𐭭) was a satrapy (province) of the Sassanid Empire. It consisted of the Parthian vassal kingdoms of Mesene and Characene and reached north along the Shatt al-Arab river and then the lower Tigris to Madhar and possibly further. Its inhabitants included Babylonians, Arabs, Iranians, and even some Indians and Malays (the Malays may have been slaves brought from the Indian sub-continent). The province was very fertile, the best place for barley according to Strabo, and contained many date palms. It was also an important trading province along the Persian Gulf.[1]

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