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Maitreyi was a Vedic philosopher from ancient India. She was the second wife of famous sage and philosopher, Yajnavalkya, the first being Katyaayanee.[1]

Maitreyi was well-versed in Vedas and associated scriptures and was called brahmavadini or "an expounder of the Veda" [2] by people of her time. About ten hymns in Rig Veda are accredited to Maitreyi.[1]

According to legend, Maitreyi really did not want to marry Yajnavalkya, but she wanted to live with him as his disciple and a spiritual companion to do sadhana or spiritual development. She went to Yajnavalkya's wife, Katyaayanee and expressed her desire to live with her husband, and with Katyaayanee's consent, she became his companion.[1]


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