Maitripa College

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Maitripa College
Maitripa College Logo.png
Established 2005
Religious affiliation Tibetan Buddhist
President Yangsi Rinpoche
Location Portland, Oregon, USA

Maitripa College, founded in 2005 as Maitripa Institute, is a Tibetan Buddhist college located in Portland, Oregon. It is an affiliated member of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), an international network of Gelugpa dharma centers.

The institute's name was chosen by FPMT spiritual director, Thubten Zopa Rinpoche. It honors the eleventh century yogin Maitripa (the guru of Marpa and disciple of Naropa) who taught at the great monastic universities of Nalanda and Vikramashila.

Maitripa's founding president is Yangsi Rinpoche, a tulku and Lharampa Geshe who graduated from Sera Je (Se Rva Byas) and Gyume Tantric College. He is also one of the two main teachers, along with James Blumenthal.

Academic programs[edit]

Maitripa College identifies three pillars of its curriculum: Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and community service.

The college offers two masters degrees--an M.A. in Buddhist Studies, and an MDiv. Both consist of two years of coursework (in the case of full-time study), followed by a thesis. The coursework is essentially the same except for Tibetan language, which is required for the M.A. but not the MDiv. Several types of certificate are also available for shorter periods of study, or online study.

Since 2008, the state of Oregon has allowed Maitripa to grant degrees under a religious exemption (on the grounds that its programs are purely religious and therefore not subject to state oversight). The school has applied for non-exempt degree-granting status and is preparing to apply for regional accreditation. A long-term goal is to offer degrees in other humanities subjects.

All activities (with the possible exception of tantric practice) are open to participants regardless of their religious affiliation.

Extension program[edit]

Maitripa College also offers an extension program of workshops and retreats that are open to the public. These feature traditional Tibetan religious teachers as well as scholars in the field of Buddhist Studies. The Extended Studies Program also offers psychology workshops that are approved by the APA for continuing education credit.

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