Old West Academy

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Old West Academy
Randolph, Utah
School type private
Age range 7 - 14
Affiliation World Wide Association of Specialty Programs

Old West Academy, formerly called Majestic Ranch Academy,[1] is a therapeutic boarding school located in Randolph, Utah. Founded in 1986, it detains boys and girls with behavioral issues, ages 7 to 14.[2]

Marketing for the school is (as of March 2007) conducted by the Teen Help subsidiary of the controversial World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools.[1]


  1. ^ Old West Academy marketing page on Teenpaths website, accessed December 19, 2009. This page, on a WWASPS marketing website, states that the Old West Academy was formerly Majestic Ranch Academy.
  2. ^ Loophole in state law has allowed some in teen-help industry to go unlicensed, The Salt Lake Tribune, July 16, 2007

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