Mojmal al-tawarikh

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A copy of the book from Herat, dated 1425 CE. Depicted are Muhammad and the archangel Gabriel. Script is in Persian language.

Mojmal al-Tawarikh wa al-Qasas (مُجمل التواریخ و القصص) was a book written in Persia in 1126 CE by an unknown author. The title means "The Collection of histories and Tales".

The book is a chronicle mostly of Persian Kings, and is often cited as a source of reference for historical events of the 12th century and before. It refers to the Shahnameh, a mythical and to some extent an historical past of (Greater) Iran, as the "tree" and all other poems as branches.[1]

The book was first printed in 1939 by Mohammad-Taqi Bahar in Tehran.

Some authors have claimed the name of the author to be Ibn Shadi Asad abadi (ابن شادی اسدآبادی).[2]

Another book by the same name was written by Fasihuddin Ahmad in 1441.


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