Major Case (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

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"Major Case"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 14 (#169 overall)
Directed by Chris Zalla
Written by Dick Wolf (creator)
René Balcer (developer)
Andrew Lipsitz (story)
Production code
  1. CI8022
Original air date July 26, 2009
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"All In"
Next →
"Alpha Dog"

"Major Case" is an eighth-season episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the 169th episode overall.


Forensic scientist Henry Muller (Dylan Baker) packs the apartment of his recently deceased mother on the Lower East Side. Through the window, he watches Grace Purefoy, a young girl from the neighborhood, on her way uptown to sell drugs for dealer Justin. Later that night, Grace tells Justin she’s done selling drugs. Justin threatens to kill her, and Grace runs for it. As if on cue, Henry opens his door and Grace slips inside. Grace trusts Henry, whom she has known since she was a small child. She takes a hot shower and, by way of thanks, kisses Henry. The innocent kiss unleashes years of repressed desire in Henry; and when Grace names Henry for what he is — a pervert — he kills her in a fit of rage.

Detective Nichols must work with Detective Eames to track down a killer who is surprisingly adept — and too close for comfort — while his partner Detective Wheeler is giving birth. Nichols has to solve the case somehow without losing his job.


  • This is Megan Wheeler's (Julianne Nicholson's) last full episode, to coincide with her second pregnancy when these episodes were originally taped. It was later announced that Nicholson would not be returning to the show.
  • Goren is briefly mentioned in this episode doing some police business in Tennessee.


Jeff Goldblum   Det. Zach Nichols
Julianne Nicholson Det. Megan Wheeler
Eric Bogosian Capt. Daniel Ross

Special Guest Appearance

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