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Makapanstad is located in South Africa
 Makapanstad shown within South Africa
Coordinates: 25°14′20″S 28°06′58″E / 25.239°S 28.116°E / -25.239; 28.116Coordinates: 25°14′20″S 28°06′58″E / 25.239°S 28.116°E / -25.239; 28.116
Country South Africa
Province North West
District Bojanala Platinum
Municipality Moretele
 • Total 20.45 km2 (7.90 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 15,076
 • Density 740/km2 (1,900/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African 99.5%
 • Indian/Asian 0.2%
 • White 0.2%
 • Other 0.1%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • Tswana 82.6%
 • Northern Sotho 5.4%
 • Tsonga 4.7%
 • English 1.5%
 • Other 5.8%
Postal code (street) 0404
PO box 0404
Area code 012

Makapanstad is a village in Bojanala District Municipality in the North West province of South Africa. It is under the leadership of The Makapan Family. They are The Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha and their totem animal is the Kgabo, the most recent Chief of Makapanstad was Kgosi Motshegwa Hendrick. He died on 26 December 2014.


In about 1650, after the death of Kgosi Mogale, the Bakgatla tribe was divided between supporters of his daughter Mosetlha from his great house, and his son Kgafela from his second house. There was a disagreement over who would be the new leader. One faction defied the usual tradition of male leaders and acknowledged the female, Mosetlha, as their Kgosi. Those who supported Kgafela then broke away. They are the direct ancestors of the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela.

That’s why today we’ve got Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha and Bakgatla Ba Kgafela.

At the moment we can trace the leadership structure or Chieftaincy from Kgosi Nchaupe I (the first). Kgosi Nchaupe I’s main wife was MANTSHOLE. Kgosi and his wife were blessed with five sons:

MOKOPANE Mathibe Mohapi Motjile Nkokole

after the death of King Nchaupe, his first born son Kgosi Mokopane led the Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha Tribe. Kgosi Mokopane was leader of the Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha Tribe, in a South African region known as (Waterberg from Bela Bela to ThabaTshipi) where the Bakgatla used to live, near the big hole known as Madimatle.

Kgosi Mokopane and his wife was Makuba were blessed with 5 sons:

THIPE Tau Nchaupe Motshegwa Diratsagae

After Kgosi Mokopane died and was buried at the top of the mountain in Mabotse, his eldest son Thipe was young to lead the tribe. His uncle Mathibe who was Kgosi Mokopane’s younger brother stood in for Thipe.

Years later, Kgosi Thipe took over from his uncle Mathibe as the leader of The Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha Tribe. Kgosi Thipe married his cousin, Ntebeng, who was Kgosi Mathibe’s daughter, and they didn’t have an heir.

When Kgosi Thipe died his wife Ntebeng, who was also from the Makapan Royal Family stood in for Nchaupe II who was Kgosi Thipe’s younger brother. (not much is known about Kgosi Mokopane's sons Tau and Motshegwa except that Motshegwa died at a very young age)

Nchaupe II (the second) eventually took over from Ntebeng and became the leader of the tribe.

Kgosi Nchaupe II married Peresina and they were blessed with 2 sons:


When Kgosi Nchaupe II died his heir Mathibe was still a child so his uncle Kgosi Nchaupe II’s younger brother Diratsagae stood in for Mathibe.

Mathibe became a man, and took over from his uncle Diratsagae. He became Kgosi of the tribe and he earned the name Seaparankwe, Kgosi Mathibe got married to Dikeledi and they were blessed with 4 sons:

THIPE II Tau II Nchaupe II Motshegwa II

Kgosi Mathibe II led the Bakgatla ba Mosetlha Tribe for 39 years.Bold text

After Kgosi Mathibe died his eldest son Kgosi Thipe led the tribe, but because he was part of the cabinet of the then Bophuthatswana government as minister his younger brother Tau, led the tribe until he died. After Kgosi Tau left this world his younger brother, Kgosi Mathibe third son, Solomon Nchaupe took the responsibilities of running the tribe as Kgosi, until he died and after that Kgosi Thipe came back home to lead the tribe of Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha Tribe until he died.

Kgosi Thipe II married Violet and they didn’t have any children.

Kgosi Tau II married and he was blessed with 2 sons


Presently Kgosi Mathibe youngest son Motshegwa is the Kgosi of the Bakgatla Ba Mosetlha Tribe.

Makapanstad known as kwa Mosetlha consists of a number of villages. Here are some of the villages under Kgosi Motshegwa’s leadership: Kgomo Kgomo, Radipapanne, Kontant, Moratele, Tladistad, Dikebu, Mmatlhwaela, Bolantlokwe, Ramaratha, Ngobi.


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