Maki Nuclear Power Plant

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The Maki Nuclear Power Plant (巻原子力発電所 Maki genshiryoku hatsudensho?) was a proposed nuclear power plant in Maki in Niigata Prefecture but the application was withdrawn. It would have been operated by the Tōhoku Electric Power Company.

The site was a former village that had been buried in sand and became a ghost town in 1971.

Time line[edit]

  • 1982 initial application for permission to build the plant
  • 1983 Analysis halted
  • 1994 the mayor of Maki called for the mothballed plan to be revisited. During the same year there was a local referendum.
  • 1995: Mayor resigns, replaced with anti-nuclear mayor
  • 1996: Anti-nuclear mayor holds referendum, townspeople veto reactor
  • 1999: Ghost town land sold to anti-nuclear faction
  • 2003: Pro-nuclear minority loses Supreme Court battle, Tohoku Electric announces application will be withdrawn
  • 2 February 2004 withdrawal of application