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For the Persona 3 character, see Makoto Yuki (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona).
Makoto Yuki
Born (1990-07-07) July 7, 1990 (age 24)
Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Height 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)

Makoto Yuki (優希 まこと Yūki Makoto?, born July 7, 1990) is a Japanese actress, tarento, gravure model and AV Idol.

Life and career[edit]

Makoto Yuki was born on July 7, 1990 in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She began her career as a child actor, then worked as a race queen (with the stage name Ciell), was a gravure model (with the name Okada Masaki) and appeared on several television shows.[1][2] She made her AV debut in September 2010, appearing simultaneously in two videos for Moodyz and Alice Japan.[1][3]

In 2011, she appeared in the music video for the song "Last Kiss" by Yuka Masaki featuring KG.[4][5] She also starred in the March 2011 TV movie Kanna No Suigyo (かんなの水魚?), a romantic drama directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu.[6] A V-cinema sequel to the movie, Kanna No Suigyo 2 (かんなの水魚2?), (also directed by Tomomatsu) was released in 2011.[7]

In February 2012, she featured an application for iPod and iPhone, the "Makoto Yuki Calculator".[8] In March 2012 when Alice Japan released Yuki's four-hour retirement video, Makoto Yuki The Final, directed by Minami Haou, who had directed her in much of her AV work.[9] After a two-year hiatus, she come back came back into the adult industry in 2014.[10][11] Yuki was also a member of the J-pop group Ebisu Muscats.[2]


Adult videos (AV)[edit]

Released[12] Video title Company Director Notes
2010-09-01 Celebrity x Alice Japan - Makoto Yuki
芸能人×アリスJAPAN 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto Joint AV debut
2010-09-01 Celebrity AV Unleashed - Makoto Yuki
芸能人AV解禁 優希まこと
Moodyz Diva
Zack Arai Joint AV debut
2010-10-08 Mejiri - Makoto Yuki
女尻 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2010-10-13 Makoto's Erotic Temptation Class
Moodyz Diva
2010-11-12 Date to Sex in 4 Seconds: Makoto Yuki
出会って4秒で合体 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto
2010-11-13 Body Intertwined and Intense Kiss Vol.2
猛烈なKISSと絡み合う肉体 vol.2
Moodyz Diva
Minami Haou
2010-12-10 Endless Cleaning Fellatio: Makoto Yuki
終わらないお掃除フェラ 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2010-12-13 Public Fuck Exposure - Makoto Yuki
青姦露出 優希まこと
Moodyz Diva
Zack Arai
2011-01-14 Admired Swimming Instructor , Makoto Yuki
憧れの競泳水着インストラクター 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto
2011-02-11 Alice Japan Exclusive Actress: Makoto Yuki High Class Soapland
アリスJAPAN専属女優 優希まことの超高級ソープ!
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2011-03-11 Girl's Walk, Makoto Yuki
Girl’s Walk 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2011-04-08 Instinct Awakening Dense 4 Sex: Makoto Yuki
本能を呼び覚ます濃厚なる4つのSEX 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2011-05-13 Celebrity Photo Shooting Sessions, Makoto Yuki
芸能人撮影会 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Some Chan
2011-06-24 Adult Bloomers, Makoto Yuki
大人ブルマー 優希まこと
Alice Japan
2011-07-22 Fuck Me Hard: Makoto Yuki
ハードにイカセて 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2011-08-26 Sport Gym Girl: Makoto Yuki
スポーツジムの女 優希まこと
Alice Japan
2011-09-23 Big Dick Taste Check, Makoto Yuki
デカチン味くらべ 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto
2011-10-28 10 Ejaculation Endless Sex: Makoto Yuki
10回射精しても終わらないセックス 優希まこと
Alice Japan
2011-11-25 Date to Sex in 4 Seconds Again: Makoto Yuki
出会って4秒で合体アゲイン 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2011-12-23 Safisfactory Facial Cumshot: Makoto Yuki
会心の一撃顔射 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2012-01-27 Naughty During a Telephone Call: Makoto Yuki
電話中の彼女にいたずら 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2012-02-24 Premature Ejaculation Camp Training: Makoto Yuki
まこととイク!早漏改善合宿 優希まこと
Alice Japan
Minami Haou
2012-03-23 Makoto Yuki The Final
優希まこと ザ・ファイナル
Alice Japan
Minami Haou


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