Makrellbekken (station)

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Station statistics
Address Oslo
Coordinates 59°56′31″N 10°40′25″E / 59.94194°N 10.67361°E / 59.94194; 10.67361Coordinates: 59°56′31″N 10°40′25″E / 59.94194°N 10.67361°E / 59.94194; 10.67361
Elevation 99.6 m (327 ft)
Line(s) Røa Line
Distance 5.4 km (3.4 mi) from Stortinget
Structure type At-grade
Other information
Opened 24 January 1935
Owned by Sporveien
Operator Sporveien T-banen
Reisekort Yes

Makrellbekken is a station on the Røa Line (Line 2) of the Oslo Metro in Norway. It is located between the stations of Smestad and Holmen, 5.4 kilometers (3.4 mi) from Stortinget and is the first station on the line not shared with another. The station was opened 24 January 1935 when the line to Smestad was extended to Røa.[1]

At Makrellbekken, the line leaves Sørkedalsveien, the main road which the line has run alongside. Immediately southwest of the station is the sporting arena Njårdhallen, belonging to Njård IL. The name "Makrellbekken" comes from the creek which originates at Holmenkollen and which passes the line at this station.

Wind related accident[edit]

On February 1, 2004 an inbound train derailed at Makrellbekken after it struck a tractor with a snowplow. The cause of the accident was a wind gust blowing snow against the tractor, disorienting the driver and causing him to drive too close to the platform edge with the shovel sticking out just as the train arrived. The only injury, to the train driver, was minor. The report was critical of the subway's safety routines, pointing out that the company had failed to sufficiently caution the subcontractor of the hazards with the snow clearing task.[2]


Makrellbekken NEXT STATION
Østerås Holmen Line 5 Smestad Vestli

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