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Malabe (මාලබේ)


Motto: The Cyber suburb of Colombo
Malabe (මාලබේ) is located in Sri Lanka
Malabe (මාලබේ)
Malabe (මාලබේ)
Location of Malabe in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 6°54′13″N 79°57′17″E / 6.90361°N 79.95472°E / 6.90361; 79.95472Coordinates: 6°54′13″N 79°57′17″E / 6.90361°N 79.95472°E / 6.90361; 79.95472
Country Sri Lanka
Province Western Province
District Colombo District
Elevation 28 m (92 ft)
Time zone SLT (UTC+5:30)
Postal Code 10115 [1]

Malabe is a suburb of Colombo city in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. It is situated on the New Kandy Road (Kaduwela Road) about 10 km away from the centre of the commercial capital Colombo. This suburb is very important economic centre in Colombo city. It is also the leading center of Education..IT, banking, finance and communications in Colombo.


Malabe is the proposed location for the IT park of Sri Lanka and is home to the MillenniumIT, a multinational IT company in Sri Lanka.

Malabe consists of hotels, campuses, high schools, parks, shopping, and is considered to be a main business point in Colombo.

Education institutions[edit]

An eye catching view of SLIIT's Malabe campus.
Siri Ghatikara Stupa, Mahamevnawa Amawatura Monastery, Malabe

Budu PaseBudu Arahantaka Grand Temple (BPAGT)[edit]

BPAG Temple which is the largest Buddhist shrine of country, constructed in the Mahamevnawa Amawatura Monastery at Malabe in Pittugala, Sri Lanka is a marvelous collection of following structures and houses;

  • A Stupa for the Supreme Buddha
  • A palace of the Buddha’s relics
  • A pavilion for Bodhi tree
  • A palace for the Seven Supreme Buddhas
  • A palace for Pachchekha Buddhas
  • A Hall for listening Dhamma
  • A Housing for the Bhikkhus


Hotels and Restaurants[edit]


  • A1 - New Kandy Road High way Colombo to Kandy
  • 177 Bus Kolpity to Kaduwela *170/190 as public transport
  • A proposed Multi-modal transport hub is to be constructed to link the city to the Colombo Monorail and BRT.
  • Malabe is located near the entrance to the Outer-circular Expressway Kaduwela interchange.


  • Supul Collection
  • ASB fashion
  • Cool Planet
  • Isuru fashion


  • Cargills Food City
  • Keels super
  • Co-op City
  • Chef Food City


  • Malabe Map [2]