Malawi Lomwe language

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Not to be confused with Lomwe language.
Malawi Lomwe
Anguru, Nguru
Native to Malawi
Native speakers
850,000  (2012)[1]
  • Malawi Lomwe
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lon
Glottolog mala1256[2]

Lomwe is a mixed language spoken in southeastern Malawi.


The Mozambique Lomwe are one of the four largest ethnic groups living in Malawi and have history of migration to the Mozambique–Malawi border zone. Many Lomwe moved into Malawi, where they mixed with the Nyanja, in the 1930s due to tribal wars in Mozambique. There the language mixed with Chichewa (Nyanja) until it was no longer mutually intelligible with Lomwe. It is now dying out, with only the eldest still speaking it as their main language, and many younger Lomwe shifting entirely to Chichewa.[citation needed]


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