Malawian democracy referendum, 1993

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A referendum on reintroducing multi-party democracy was held in Malawi on 14 June 1993. Over 64% of voters voted to end the Malawi Congress Party's 37-year monopoly on power. Soon afterwards President Hastings Banda was stripped of his post of President for Life, along with most of his dictatorial powers. Fresh elections were held the following year, in which Banda was defeated. Voter turnout for the referendum was 67% of the 4.7 million registered voters.[1]


Choice Votes %
Multi-party state 1,993,996 64.69
One-party state 1,088,473 35.31
Invalid/blank votes 70,979 -
Total 3,153,448 100%
Registered voters/turnout 4,699,527 67.1
Source: African Elections Database


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