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Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu
ويکيڤيديا بهاس ملايو
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Malay Wikipedia (Malay: Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, Jawi script: ويکيڤيديا بهاس ملايو, abbreviation: mswiki) is the Malay edition of Wikipedia. This edition was started in October 2002 and has about 178,000 articles in February 2013 and is the 29th largest Wikipedia.. The system was activated by Wikipedia administrator Brion Vibber.[1][2]

Despite the similarities between Malay and Indonesian, the Malay Wikipedia and Indonesian Wikipedia were started separately by two different user groups. The Indonesian Wikipedia was started about six months after the Malay Wikipedia was. As of 2009, the Indonesian Wikipedia had three times the number of active editors and articles the Malay Wikipedia had. In 2009 Andrew Lih wrote "Because these groups are drawn on national boundaries, merging is not likely to happen soon."[3]



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