Malayan High School of Science

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Malayan High School of Science
Malayan High School of Science Logo.jpg
Motto Imagine. Create. Exceed
Established 1925 (system)
2005 (campus)
Type Private, non-sectarian, Run by the Mapua Institute of Technology / Malayan Colleges, Inc. of the Yuchengco Group of Companies
President Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea
Principal Dr. Efren B. Mateo
Students Approximately 400
Location Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Campus Urban, 1 hectare
Colors MCL Colors.jpg Blue and White
Nickname Malayan Red Robins

The Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) is a private secondary educational institution established in 2005, and it is managed and operated by the Mapúa Institute of Technology (MIT). It is located on a one-hectare property along P. Guazon Street (formerly Otis St.) in the district of Pandacan, City of Manila, Philippines.


The inauguration of MHSS was held on January 16, 2006, with then Manila Mayor Lito Atienza as guest speaker and MIT chairman Alfonso T. Yuchengco, former Senate president Jovito Salonga, former Prime Minister Cesar Virata, and Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) chairperson Helen Y. Dee in attendance. The school opened its doors to 112 freshmen students and formally launched its first school year of operation on June 14, 2006 under the administration of President, Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, who is also the president of MIT. MHSS was established to give Filipino families the opportunity to have their children undergo a high school education of international standards with emphasis on a science-oriented curriculum.


The Malayan High School of Science shall be a global center of excellence in secondary education especially in the area of science and technology.

Program Outcomes[edit]

The Malayan High School of Science shall educate its students to have a very strong foundation in the natural sciences and the mathematics; excellent communications skills; a deep appreciation of the most important technologies of the day; an analytical mind and a creative, innovative spirit; awareness of social, global and environmental issues; love of country and humanity.


The logo is a single helix, a form representing a separated strand of DNA at the time of its replication. From the angle in which it is viewed, the helix forms the letter "M" for "Malayan." The helix stands for biology, the H2O molecules for chemistry, the atoms for physics.All of life can be represented by the four letters A, C, T, and G, which stand for the bases of the DNA molecule: A for adenine, C for cytosine, T for thymine, and G for guanine. These letters stand for biotechnology. The binary digits or bits on the logo represent information technology. Altogether, the logo distills science and technology, the essence of the Malayan High School of Science.


As part of its thrust for its students to have a strong foundation in the natural sciences and mathematics, MHSS is accredited by the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) to be the only mathematics review center for Grade 6 and high school students in the district of Pandacan, Manila.


Updated as of April 2014

SCIENCE Integrated Science Integrated Science Integrated Science Physics 2
MATHEMATICS Integrated Mathematics Integrated Mathematics Integrated Mathematics Analytic Geometry and Calculus
ICT Basic Computer and Applications Basic Programming CISCO 1 & 2 CISCO 3 & 4
ENGLISH Communication Arts Communication Arts Communication Arts Communication Arts & World Literature
RESEARCH does not apply Research 1 Research 2
FILIPINO Communication Arts Communication Arts Communication Arts Sining ng Komunikasyon at El Filibusterismo
SOCIAL STUDIES Asian History Asian History World History Economics
MAPEH Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 7 Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 8 Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 9 Music, Physical Education and Health IV
Citizenship Advancement Training
VALUES EDUCATION Values Education 7 Values Education 8 Values Education 9 Values Education IV
ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS Math 7A (Selected Topics in Mathematics)
Science 7A (Selected Topics in Sciences)
Technology Skills 7 (Drawing 1)
Math 8A (Selected Topics in Mathematics)
Science 8A (Selected Topics in Sciences)
Technology Skills 8 (Drafting with CAD)
Math 9A (Selected Topics in Mathematics)
Science 9A (Selected Topics in Sciences)
Science 4A (Molecular Biology)
ELECTIVES does not apply Technology Elective : Electronics
Arts Elective : Multimedia Arts 1 & Performing Arts
Technology Elective : Robotics
Arts Elective : Multimedia Arts 2 & Creative Writing and Journalism

Student Organizations[edit]

  • Book Lovers Club - The Book Lovers Club promotes reading among the students.
  • Drop the Bass Dance Crew - The Drop the Bass Dance Crew is the organization for dancers - especially hiphop dancers. This club aspires to imbibe in its members self-confidence and good showmanship.
  • Eco Warriors Club - The Eco Warriors Club advocates a "greener" school through tree-planting activities, ecological seminars and the like.
  • Malayan Geographical Society - The Malayan Geographic Society is the official Social Sciences association of MHSS. The club organizes activities related to Geography, History, Politics, and other general Social Sciences that are relevant to the development of the school, country, and the global society. This club is the only high school based geographical society in the Philippines with linkages to the Junior Geographical Society of UP Diliman
  • Math, Science, and Technology Society – Also known as MaSciTech, this club provides a regular venue for MHSS students to express their extracurricular interests in relation to the fields of Math, Science and Technology. Members of this club compete in interschool quizzes and competitions.
  • MusikaMalayan - The MusikaMalayan is the official school choir. This club aims to hone the students' skills in music.
  • Peer Counselors - The Peer Counselors are the right hand of the Center for Guidance and Counseling. They offer peer help and advice and act as ambassadors of goodwill on campus. This club is established to interact and reach out to Malayans, to touch lives and bring hope- enlighten minds that there are changes to be embraced
  • Sports Organization – The Sports Club organizes all sports-related activities of the school. This club aims to develop/ harness potential MHSS students in athletic endeavor and enhance their social skills through actual participation in Intramurals provided by the School
  • Supreme Student Government - The Supreme Student Government serves as the governing body for all students enrolled at MHSS. The SSG also represent the student body to the school faculty and administration of MHSS, and represent the school in outside events and activities.
  • Whizzy Works - Whizzy Works is the official publication of MHSS, run by the students. It covers and documents all the important events MHSS is involved in on and off campus.


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