Malaysia–Namibia relations

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Malaysia–Namibia relations
Map indicating locations of Malaysia and Namibia



Malaysia–Namibia relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Malaysia and Namibia. Malaysia has a high commission in Windhoek,[1] and Namibia has a high commission in Kuala Lumpur.[2]


Both countries were once part of the British Empire and before Namibia achieved its independence, Malaysia has contributed to some operations in Namibia by sending a group of soldiers to help monitor the Namibia elections and peace process.[3] Today, the relations are much more focused in economic cooperation.

Economic relations[edit]

During the Mahathir era, several agreements have been signed by both countries such as the agreement on economic, science and technical cooperation.[4][5] In 2006, the total trade between Malaysia and Namibia worth around U$29 million, with exports valued at U$6.7 million and imports at U$22.3 million.[6] Malaysia also stand as one of the major export partner for Namibia.[7] There is also opportunities for Namibian students to studied in Malaysia,[8] and Namibia is keen to learn Malaysian education system.[9]


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