Malaysia–Oman relations

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Malaysia–Oman relations
Map indicating locations of Malaysia and Oman



Malaysia–Oman relations refers to the current relationship between Malaysia and Oman. Official diplomatic relations were established in 1983.[1] There were approximately 900 Malaysians in Oman, the majority working in the petroleum sector. The number of visitors from Oman to Malaysia is increasing over the years. In 2010 alone, there are 18,300 people from Oman, an increase of 20 per cent over the figure for 2009.[citation needed]

Trade links[edit]

Bilateral trade between Malaysia and Oman stood at nearly RM500 million during January–October 2010, with Malaysia's main exports to Oman being edible oil, machinery, appliances and parts, wood products, electrical and electronic products.

Oman and Malaysia signed an agreement for Oman to import frozen chicken from Malaysia, costing 120 million Malaysian ringgit. Oman imports most of its food, up to 80%.[2]


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