Malaysia–Tunisia relations

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Malaysia–Tunisia relations
Map indicating locations of Malaysia and Tunisia



Malaysia–Tunisia relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between Malaysia and Tunisia. Diplomatic relations established on 1957. The Malaysian Embassy in Rabat covers Tunisia while the Tunisian Embassy in Jakarta covers Malaysia.[1] The relations are mainly in economic relations with several agreements has been signed.[2][3]

Economic relations[edit]

In 1993, trade relations between the two countries stood at MYR16.47 million with Malaysian export reach MYR12.49 million while Tunisian export reach around MYR3.98 million.[2] In 2013, Tunisia has invite any investments from the Malaysian companies especially in the development of their city in Sfax.[4] Beside that, Tunisia also keen to invest in Malaysia especially in Islamic banking and halal products.[5]

Education relations[edit]

In education, Tunisia has offered places for Malaysian students in Ez-Zitouna University while Malaysia provided places for Tunisian students in the International Islamic University Malaysia.[2]


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